In the Blue

Baltimore Cease Fire is Back!

Article from Baltimore Sun   rganizers are urging a three-day period of peace during the fourth Baltimore Ceasefire event of the year this weekend. Branded with the slogan, “Nobody kill anybody,” the quarterly call for a weekend without homicides returns Nov. 2-4....

Trevor Noah

I just read the article on what one of my favorite comedians did to #45!  I was rolling laughing and it made the rhetoric seem to calm down just a bit! His latest post on Instagram says it all and there was no formal invite! The Daily Show host, who has been waiting...

Artist Spotlight

Tell Me, Are You Listening?

Tell Me, Are You Listening?

Community activated and musically driven with a message to inspire his listeners.  This is what is unique about this Grammy considered artist of 2016.  What Dell-P has to tell you is a valid message to make you think and groove all at the same time.  Let's get to know...


From Malcom Jamal Warner

From Malcom Jamal Warner

Just when most of us get sick and tired of social media and how heartbreaking it can be, something heartwarming like this happens. I can't express to you how full my heart is seeing how social media has rallied behind and supports Geoffrey Owens. Geoffrey is a good...

Blue Notes

To Pierce or not to Pierce

Ok, so there are trends and then there are trends.  If you are on any social media then you have seen some of the crazy things that people are following these days, especially in fashion. Now I myself have more than one piercing and I limit my piercings to my ears. ...

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Marielle Franco

She stood in the gap where those without a voice would be heard. Say her name....Marielle Franco.  Just from the pictures you can see the brightness of her smile and her spirit that seemed to not dim no matter the situation.  She loved her community and her home.  ...

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Like a Boss!

Boss Lady, CEO, owner, coordinator, Mogul.  Just a taste of the many hats worn by Tia Hamilton aka Mz. Konnoisseur.  When I first met this wonderful lady, it was a quick phone chat and a car ride to and from and event that would put us on the road to working with each...

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Killer Flu?

The flu has been running rampant across the US this year and it does not show signs of stopping. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible at this time.  Many flu related deaths have been reported and seem to keep climbing.  I wanted to share some information...

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From the Women’s Law Center

LEGISLATIVE ALERT  Call to Action     Help us continue to fight for women's rights in Maryland       Founded with the mission to promote and protect the legal rights of women, the Women's Law Center actively engages in advocacy work with the General Assembly to ensure...

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State Vs Us Magazine Release

A voice for the Voiceless! We want to thank each and every last one of you for your patience while we effectively give you guys the BEST 1st Issue we can give. So excited! The magazine release date is March 20th so be on the look out for your copy if you ordered by...

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To Know, A letter to my husband Part 1

Little did I know  that when I wrote this in 2005 that I would be living out my writing.  I love the man in my life and the dreams we share and make.  This is for you, my love! I am open to share my experiences and feeling with your and I am just glad you are there to...

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Markie Williams

Powerhouse Thursday!  Joining me via call-in is my special guest Markie Williams.  Her story is a powerful one.  We will talk about her, the body building career and her upcoming competition.  We will  also talk about her survival from domestic violence.  Tune in!  ...

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Gets Better with Age!

I was reading an article in the recent June 2017 Redbook issue and it got me to thinking.....Does sex get better with age? In this day and age of free thinking and exploration, the world of sex is more than just sneaking a porno or a quickie or self satisfaction.  I...

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Mogul Club Brand

Joining me this Thursday is Mogul Club Brand owner Jay McGraw!  We will be chopping it up about his upcoming event, the brand itself and what's instore for the brand.  Joining me for the Spotlight segment will be fitness instructor AN G from AN G Fitness in Florida...

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