Jahi McMath the California teen who was declared brain dead after a botched tonsilectomy has passed away.  She was 18

A 2013 routine tonsilectomy put the teen in grave danger and she went into cardiac arrest and doctors declared her brain dead and wanted to remove her from life support but her mother refused to believe she was gone even though there was clear evidence of irreversable brain damage.  Court proceedings and more kept the teen on life support while the mother kept her daughter alive in spirit. Nailah Winkfiled, her mother, who is Christian believed her daughter to be alive because she saw her fingers and toes move.  Involuntary movement is something that does happen when loss of brain function is present. She stated that she was a girl with a brain injury and deserved to be cared for like any other child with a brain injury. On June 22, 2018, Jahi passed away from complication and excessive bleeding from liver failure after an operation to treat intestinal issues. Her mother stated that she hopes her fight will inspire changes in law regarding religious family rights.