I was thinking the other day that some days are just harder than others.  I mean, the day to day trudge is tiresome and burdensome and will wear you out!  You feel as if the world is coming at you from all sides and that you have nowhere to retreat but inside your own head with your own thoughts.  Getting out of your own head sometimes is hard.  You feel like you are a soldier who has dropped their shield.  Never fear…..you still have your sword and your battle armor on!

The shield may get heavy at times and slip from your hand.  You are not defeated!  Pick up your shield and dust it off.  That shield has protected your from many a danger, whether physical, mental or spiritual.  It has taken hits and become dented but it is trustworthy.  It has kept you safe and dry and in good spirits.  You can’t let one small action deplete you of your spirit!  Your armor is still strong and still resists the temptations that are out there waiting on you to fail.  Those that wish your failure are willing to help you get there as fast as possible while attempting to making themselves look good along the way.  It is hard to hide deceit.  It takes more work that it does to smile and take the hard knocks of truth.  Never let your guard down while dealing with life.  Hold onto your faith and use your discernment and keep your guard up