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I want to tell you a story, one that reflects all the beauty that surrounds us daily.  Do we ever stop to think of how we relate to it?  Our energy is kinetic. (Of a work art) depending on movement for its effect, of, relating to or resulting from motion.  This defines Kinetic, a female artist born in Miami with Caribbean, Cajun and Indian roots.  She is a writer, singer, and entrepreneur.  The name represents the robust fiery energy she possesses.  She just can’t seem to sit still!  Sit back and hear her story in her words…..

Kinetic is inspired by life. Musically, when lyrics speak to me, genre is surpassed.  Music is for the world. To limit it by genre is almost sacrilegious.  People need to be affected by the content of the music…. Period!  I listen to music that speaks to me. I listen to rock, reggae, jazz, you name it. If it’s authentic in its delivery, I can dig it. I don’t listen to the most of the music on the radio though.  My music is soulful. It is full of love and it speaks to personal connections lost in this age of technology and fast living. I’m an old soul. It’s kind of like a beautiful evening gown worn with a denim jacket and no shoes.

I am an artist. Period! I own a artist development center where artists can create and display their visual and performing arts. My inspiration for the gallery is my son who is a graphic designer and another who is a musician. In my area, there are no venues for them to express their talents, so, I created one. I do not currently have funding, so we hustle daily to support the artists in our center.

Music and art has affected my life in many ways.  It has made me exhilarated and exhausted. I am intrigued and excited. The fact that finance is at the helm of every endeavor makes me sad. People should support and reward “good” things. I mention this because, art can literally save lives, yet it is the one thing that is always considered “elective”. For me it is necessary. Without my right brain, my left brain would spaz out and short circuit, lol.  Music is how I breathe. Emotionally, it has rescued me. Creating stimulates the brain.

Performing live is the most amazing feeling in the world. I’d rather sing in front of 10,000 people than chat with a person one on one.  I sang in my church choir, so, I don’t remember them all. I do remember leading a song with the late Mr. Alfred Corbett. It was weird because I was 12 and he was a 50(+) and a tenor. I sang in the alto section, but the director gave me a tenor solo. I’ve always had a deep voice. I really felt out of place. I did it proudly, though.  My advice for the up and coming musician or artist is this:  Decide what your goal is, quickly. If you seek fame and fortune, your path will be far different than mine. Fame and fortune come with obligations I am not willing to fulfill. I don’t want a sex tape or arrest record. I don’t want bigger boobs or rhinoplasty. That is too much pressure. If people can’t simply respect my music, I have a problem with that. I took the road less traveled. It is not “easy”, but, you can do, as my grandmother used to say, WHATSOEVER you put your mind to! Decide who you are and try your best no to compromise that because, once you do, all roads lead to indifference, and that’s worse that giving up.

I draw my inspiration from my father, my mother, my children, and my family. I am equally inspired by folks that mistreat and misunderstand me. They teach me things about myself. Self-knowledge is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves. I know people usually name celebrities, but how can I truly ever know them. Their stories intrigue me, but, who’s to say what is true or untrue. I believe, for example, that people like Lauryn Hill or Dave Chappelle became hugely successful and thus each went from being a person to a product. That pressure is enormous at that point. As a product, no one cares if you’re cold or tired. We ship rice in trucks and toss it into piles for rerouting and delivery.  We’re not concerned about the package of rice, unless it gets destroyed and can’t earn the money for which it was produced. When you treat people like rice, like slaves, like products, you plunge them into a state of disrepair that will take years to rebuild. I am inspired that these artists have a story beyond the “they are crazy” media spin on using people to create a brand and then shipping and selling their talents like rice.

I want to be respected for my endeavors. I want to be financially stable so my children and the people I support are able to become independent productive citizens of the world. But, literally, I want to live in my beach house with my Dogues and write books in my pajamas; sexy ones, though, #Lol.


What is next for Kinetic?  Promotion, performance and more writing!!!

You can find Kinetic here: 

18710 SW 107 Avenue, #17
Miami, FL 33157

Check her out on Facebook, IG and Twitter!


Kinetic has a unique sound all her own. You cannot help but move to her beat!


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