Little did I know  that when I wrote this in 2005 that I would be living out my writing.  I love the man in my life and the dreams we share and make.  This is for you, my love!

I am open to share my experiences and feeling with your and I am just glad you are there to listen and even respond….thank you.

When we are not fulfilled through our work and our friendships, we look for someone to share things with.  I use that because I learned to be happy with me and I also learned that  in order for people to put up with your, you have to be able to put up with yourself.

I hope for the real thing.  I want to be able to share in ups and downs, look forward to him coming home or calling on the phone, taking long walks and letting our imagination go;  to have one of those all night sessions where we talk about any and everything; I want to be able to hold hands in public, to give him passionate kisses for no reason; nights of staying home, watching a good movie and just cuddling in each others arms and falling asleep on the couch.  Give and receive flowers and little  things that make you smile for the whole day.  To get to know what makes him who he is  and dance the night away!  While I write something truly inspired by him ad only for him; to show him the person that I am; to be treated like a lady, to get respect but not without giving him the same in return; to know he can let go with me and that he does not have to be fake.  Quality time together would be just that, for him to feel that every day we can learn something new about each other!