Who is KoJo HotFlow?

Kilo Calloway was born March 31st in Baltimore, MD. Kilo was raised in Annapolis, MD by a young single mother of three. The eighties were a time when the drug epidemic was at an all-time high, especially in the African American communities. With great fear that Kilo would be targeted growing up with a name like his during that era, his father changed his name to Kojo, which in many African heritages means “Born on a Monday” and “Winner”. With such a defiant name, this would prepare Kojo for a prominent future.However certain events took a turn for the worst, with his father being an absent parent and his mother working two to three jobs at a time to support the household. Kojo encountered the streets first hand like many others in his poverty stricken situation. With the odds aiming against him, Kojo lead a life of crime as a drug dealer.

From middle school throughout high school, Kojo excelled at music by rapping in the neighborhood and at local parties. In addition to music Kojo had a presence in sports as a high school starter on the varsity basketball team. While college recruiters were impressed with the high school athlete, the 5’6 senior just wasn’t worth their time or scholarship money to progress as an athlete. By this point Kojo started to embrace the fast life, his dreams of basketball stardom had quickly faded and were replaced by fast money. Kojo had a strong passion for music recording over 20 mix tapes and solo projects, unfortunately music alone was not enough to change his financial situation, in return Kojo continued to make his life in the streets a priority.

After a public drug scandal Kojo decided to put his life of crime and drug dealing behind him. Kojo turned his life of crime into his life of rhymes after an eye awakening time served in a county jail plus an eighteen month house arrest sentence. Kojo now has a new outlook on life, with learning that fast money comes at a heavy price he is now fully committed to his success and future as a recording artist. Kojo has a team of polished professionals working with him and is now determined to change people’s life and their perception of life through his music.