Boss Lady, CEO, owner, coordinator, Mogul.  Just a taste of the many hats worn by Tia Hamilton aka Mz. Konnoisseur.  When I first met this wonderful lady, it was a quick phone chat and a car ride to and from and event that would put us on the road to working with each other.  Little did I know that the effects of that meeting would be as far reaching as they are now.  She does not claim to know everything, but what she gets her hands on turns into something you want to be a part of once you find out about it.  Her street smarts and love of the sports world combined with her wealth of business know how puts her in a league of her own.  Get ready to meet, Mz. Konnoisseur.

Mz. Konnoisseur walks in a room ready to work and knows who is ready to work with her.  Where is she from? Brooklyn, NY. She relocated to Baltimore after her grandmas sister became really sick with cancer. After her death, Baltimore became home and is where she resides to this day.

Who is Mz. Konnoisseur though?  “Well, it’s funny you should ask that,” she tells Lady Blue. “As a kid I was a triathlete: track, basketball and softball. Graduating in 1996 the WNBA started in 97/98, that could’ve been my chance nevertheless it wasn’t even though my passion and love for sports were my ultimate desire. This led me to believe that I had an evolved aspiration.”  Constantly working, she maintained steady employment but felt a need for more.  That choice led her down a dark path to becoming one of the largest drug dealers and a leader of a notorious gang:  The Bloods.  Incarcerated for the first time without the bail in 2006, she personally understood then how this not only affected her, but her family as well.  She would spend the next 10 months fighting for her freedom.

“I made a promise to God, that if He would remove me from this situation, I would walk away from all levels of selling drugs.” Mz. Konnoisseur

She was finally released in 2007 and has been a productive citizen since.  “I went back to working in the bail bonds business and instantly became back on top legally. 2011 is when I was discovered and the rest is history.”  Mz. Konnoisseur was discovered on Facebook for a sports show. Resigning from that show after three months of it not working out, the station offered Tia her very own show and that’s how “Un-Kut Sports Talk Radio” was born. In the first year they put together their first Back to School Rally with professional athletes.  Joining her would be Former NFL Jets: WR Tavon Mason and Female Middleweight Boxing Champ: Tori Nelson, to headline the rally. Later that year they would do their first Flag Football Food Drive for the homeless. “I always told myself that if I was given the platform, I would contribute to our community.” She was already involved with the youth by coaching softball through her own program and on a high school level.  “As long as I play my part and bring others into play with how we cater to the less fortunate, my heart will never be heavy.”  Mz. Konnoisseur loves to make sure others are good before herself. Till this day, along with the “Back to School Rally” and the flag football game, she has hosted her 3rd Annual Youth Summit. The growth continues.  Next would come more from the world of radio with which was started in Jan 2013.

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As with anything, there were ups and downs throughout the process.  Mz. Konnoisseur describes her experience with Un-Kut Sports Talk Radio Show.   “The initial experience “Un-Kut Sports Talk Radio”  was a dope experience with Tis and I, as a team we were unstoppable together. The show started off with interviews from sports top athletes. Ratings on the station we were on, never saw those kind of numbers.  Now when started – hunni lol, it was hectic but fun. I love challenges so I was up for it. Only downside to this industry is that it isn’t for everyone.”  So I asked her what was the biggest obstacle in achieving her success?  Mz. Konnoisseur tells me that her biggest obstacle has been showing people that my vision has longevity despite that many saw failures to follow. Despite her accomplishments she says that many people loved to hate her and many of them will be in her face playing the part. “Removing people from my circle, my Personal life and etc., is when I saw the doors of many more opportunities opened.  After the death of my business partner in 2013, I almost quit because I just didn’t see this growing without him. I took it very hard. My real team, friends and his family talked me into keeping this train moving. I constantly remain ME. When people see consistency, they trust you so that’s all I know.”


 R.I.P Big Tis

I personally have watched this woman at work.  She is a “no play when it comes to her business” type of person.  She knows when to have fun and she knows when to get serious.  She finds her inspiration from her son.   “He and he alone, is the only person that I worry about on how I’m perceived.  As a single mother of a 14 yr. old. it’s very important that he sees the total opposite of what the streets and the media will show him.”  Her family has played an integral part in her life.  “Oh yes thank God, for my mother: Glo, my two dads: Eddie and Nate, my granny who I personally call Sis Foster (in her church voice) Elizabeth, my son Kamani (14), daughter (adopted) Serena (24) and my sister Melissa. Without them I can’t begin to tell you how this would have been pulled off. All of them have played a very important role in my success.”

Would she change anything about what she does?  Not according to what she tells Lady Blue.  “I wouldn’t change a thing. My whole ride I have been on only made me remap my future. I needed those challenges to keep doing what I do.”  The future has no limits so with that being said it’s very bright. A lot of projects are in play.

“Just stay tuned Mz Konnoisseur isn’t done yet baby! 

Her advice to young people or those out there looking at a future in this type of business?  “Whew lol, my lil youngins. My advice is to listen first and make moves second. In any career path listening is the key along with remaining humble.”  Sound advice if you ask me.


Mz. Konnoisseur is hard at work even as I put the finishing touches on this article.  She is currently working on her magazine release for State Vs. Us Magazine.  Her city, her future and her business alike are bright is all in the making.  This Boss Lady is in effect!

You can find Mz. Konnoisseur via Instagram and Twitter: @mz_konnoisseur and @wmskonlineradio

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