Local Love!


Love is in the air!  Every site and every sound!  Love is in the air, everywhere you look around!  Not that you will start singing any old songs but this event was right on point and on time with food, fare and fun for all at the Local Love Shop 2015!

From the moment you walk into the room you are greeted with a smile!  From the door to the floor there are heart shaped balloons and vendors getting ready. Old school music fills the air while DJ Twizz and DJ Nellz and the chatter begin!  All are happy to be here and involved in an event focusing on “love”.

A true networking event, the atmosphere was light and full of conversation. The constant flash of the camera from Rellyrell Photography and others with their phones as vendor socializes with vendor.

Moving around the floor with my daughter Alex, we start by getting to know the various vendors on hand and what they have to offer.  So many to choose from like beaded hats and accessories from Tasia’s Underground Fashion,  hand made chic by  Syck Chic Boutique, bath and body from Perfectly Posh, Avon and Heaven Scents.  It Works! on hand to show how the wrap works.  Damsel In Defense showed us how to look fashionable and be able to defend yourself at the same time. Scentsy, MimiDre of Fly Nerd, Thirty-One, Danielle’s Elegant Designs, Pure Romance, Kandi Kouture and Global Travel International and Candice BE Empowered George are on hand as well! The color of love was not the only thing in this space, but many different colors and many different aromas fill the room.

The food was fantastic with just enough to get your tummy rumbling and taste buds humming!  Caprice Creations with meatballs, wings and other fare and Flight with tasty chicken and rice soup and salad.  Adult Ice was on hand with “sexy” adult slushes to wet your whistle like Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Pineapple and more!  ForeverMADE treats was on hand with delectable desserts like Oreo, Chocolate Chip cookie, Reese’s cup and mason jars with Strawberry Shortcake and Banana Pudding!

As the night moves on, some of the nominees for the 2015 Rep Yo Grind Awards are in the house!  CEO Vonetta Chapman lights up the room with an introduction and a smile.  Kathleen Randall, Candice George, DJ Twizz and of course Lady Blue all having fun on the dance floor and with each other!


Here’s to the first fun event of 2015 and to many more to come! Hope to see more of you at the next networking event!