October 2015 brought happiness and also brought sorrow. The Jones/Bynum family said farewell to our beloved Albert Jones. My brother, Andrew Jones has since been writing some very poignant poetry that reflects, rejoices and tells the tale of a heart that misses the physical presence of his brother. Here are a couple of his passages. Please enjoy and let him know you appreciate his feeling through words.

There’s a new star in the sky Excel look up high it’s hard to say goodbye I will always have you in my memories till the day I die so I asked the Lord above Ranchi blessings and hugs with you go my sunshine go my dreams go everything that you mean to me cuz your my family and it’s hard to say goodbye to the ones you love and it’s hard to stop the tears from rolling from down my eyes much love from the clouds above your little brother and your forever Jones

I knew and you made it to heaven and beneath them is only sky I pray have any hi don’t let this world go by without you I know you will be the ones you love laying on beautiful couches with fruits easy at your reach the heart is key to a new life for love key to a new life from above cuz you’re my last hero you will always be in my heart from beginning to the evening star art in the snow the little brother chick will never let you go love love love love forevermore