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Lady Blue and MC Jade caught up with each other and Lady Blue was curious as to what this artist was up to since the last article.  Let’s go and see.

Since the last article it seems that MC Jade is still hard at work and still creating.  She tells Lady Blue that she has been getting a piece of art music together entitled I.G.T.M. (Independent Growth To Music).  It is a soft-hearted demo that comes from musical experiences.  MC Jade hooked up with DJ’s and producers and managed to write some heartfelt tracks.  You can find it on her soundcloud page @kadizik.  Her release Not Scared did quite well but still not the commercial success hoped for.  “I’ve had to sacrifice a whole budge of money, music, time and get back into part-time work working as a sales assistant”.  She notes a better response from the states and the remaining love of hip-hop.  She had mad a new track 1 in 10 which is like an old reggae dub from UB40.  It has gotten liked on Instagram but she is eyeing a USA remix or collaboration….any takers?  “They ain’t taking thinks lying down no more and getting what they want in these music games” notes Jade as to the impact of her music since her last release.  “People are more scared”.

What is different with the artists she works with now?  “No family issues!  The artists know themselves and they speak direct and indirect and every adult loves that”!  Family plays a part and friends play a part in Jade’s musical career.  “They don’t wan’t anyone around me and my talent.  As it is scripture based, many are called but a few chosen so it’s best just to have the one”.


New things are on the horizon for this artist.  She may even hop the pond and make a state side appearance.  We will continue to keep and eye out for MC Jade and her music. 

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