This is HUGE News!

I received this in my email and I needed to share it because this is a huge victory not only for the parities involved but for Meek Mill himself.

Meek Mill is finally free.

Meek, who was released on bail yesterday, celebrated his freedom at the Philadelphia 76ers basketball game, and then went home, to sleep in his own bed

There are so many people to thank for fighting for Meek. One of them is Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who has spoken out for Meek repeatedly in the last few months especially during March thru April 2018 twice, first supporting him being released on bail and then saying he deserves a new, fair trial

Reference Color of Change PAC email received April 25, 2018 AND 

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I am sure that Meek Mill is appreciative and grateful to all who were in the trenches for him.  He got to hug his family and I think the pics from the game show his exuberance in being a free man.

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