Bishop pieces in the game of chess are not given much attention. Underestimating the capabilities of bishops may affect a player’s chance to succeed. Bishops are also powerful pieces in the game. Hence, it is the responsibility of players to explore how they can maximize the strengths of their bishops.

Never underestimate the power of the Biship! That is the case of William Biship Graves. He is the piece in the music game that it attacking the game at all angles! Beginning at around age 11, it was not until 4 years ago that he started taking the music business seriously. Originally from Harrisonburg, VA, he grabs his inspiration from fans stateside, overseas and music in general. Looking back on his first recording session, nervousness was the outcome because he was tossing his name into the ring as a new face and artist. He has done open Mic and freestyle sessions but this time it was different. No longer in the shadows he says, “I finally decided to make it do what it do”. Releasing his first solo track titled I Love It….the rest is history! As far as music goes, “I try to make something for everybody”, says Biship.

Moving to his own beat, Biship does not compare himself to other artists because he likes to think outside the box. “I set goals for myself because everything I do is bigger than just being an artist”. Even his artwork is unique. Working with a few other people on his artwork, he started getting more involved becaue he likes to be a part of all aspects of the game.

Main stream music has been somewhat of a disappointment to Biship because for him it has totally taken the life out of the true meaning of hip hop. The 5 elements have been forgotten and the music has no substance anymore. He has been noticing the same thing happening to underground music as well. Shaking his head he does state that not all underground artists fall into that revolving door. Biship has had the pleasure of working with and becoming a fan of the work, bottom line, to be main stream you have to be a puppet. Underground you have freedom of expression.

SFRFAM (Soulja Family Records/Vegas) CSR (C-Saw Records/Germany) and HHF (HIP HOP FORUM/Digital Magazine) and the fans world wide are just a few of the names that should be remembered in the music game today. Open to collaboration, Biship wants those who he works with to know he is serious and business is business. To may people are just doings songs to just do them and not taking it to the next level. I will do collabs with people from Rock bands to street anthems.

His advice to those looking at the music business is to stay original, set goals and make sure you have BMI or ASCAP to protect yourself as an artist/producer/indie label and most of all stay motivated.

“Even though I have been away from the east coast for about 20 years, I can’t honestly say what the difference is from DC, MD or VA music. What I will say is that the artist I have met from those areas are solid artist and represent to the fullest…SALUTE”!


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