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Home of Must Be The Music Saturdays at 10 am!
Home of Must Be The Music Saturdays at 10 am!


Radio…you can turn to it when happy or sad and it has just what you need to get you through your day or whatever you may be going through.  What is even better is when you can relate to the voice behind the mic.  When you know it Must Be the Music, you look for Darling Dena Smith!

I had the opportunity last year as a newcomer to the scene to sit in with Dena and her radio show.  Not only did we have fun but it seemed to me to be the prelude of what was to come.  There was someone else scheduled to be on the show and they did not show and I had the entire show with Dena and we had a blast!  I hope you all enjoy getting to know my friend Dena”!  Lady Blue

Dena was raised on the East Side of Baltimore near Guilford Ave.  She was introduced to the music world after winning contest years ago to be on Chuck Max show speaking about the mayor back then William Donald Schafer, she voiced her thoughts of what he was not doing for the people and talking about hip hop how far she felt it would go.  Struggling and being very shy hindered getting her show on the air.  “I knew I wanted to do in radio but I was so afraid of not having an audience and being an independent radio show money play a big role and getting it started”.  Dena started out on another show (Taking it to the Streets) the Rev. Annie Chambers show who is a long- time activist for Baltimore city.  Ms. Chambers gave her a small spot on the show to showcase Baltimore artist. It was excellent!  She had the honors of introducing my listing audience to a wonderful rapper and poet by the name of J. Sully who she met through long-time friend Sabrina Williams of SheekNSassy Entertainment.  From the day she started she always knew what she wanted the name of her show to be Must Be the Music and there was no doubt in her mind (Must Be the Music) would be that name.  Being an old school, hip-hop artist herself, she knew it was going to be about the music!

Listening to Chuck Max back in the 80’s was a big influence on Dena but hearing Annie Chambers speak on the radio made her see more of what she wanted to do.  She states that the influence it had on her made her come out of her shell and start to do what she loved, which was to get her city on the map!  “I would say the music has an upside and a down side and I would say the same about a lot of the artist”.

Being honest, Dena says her most memorable show was one that she did not host due to another engagement.  “I asked the help of some wonderful people Earnest “Edigga” Harris, Patricia “Poetless” Johnson and Femcee Jae TheLyoness. They did such a wonderful job at hosting the show calls were just pouring in even after they were off the air!  I will always be thankful to them for holding a sister down”.

Dena says her role models are Rev. Annie Chambers, Kenneth Smith, Chuck Max, Jean Alston, and John Rogers….the people who showed her the light of what she could do.  “It’s been about fifteen years now. I do this because of the love of music and the love I have for my city.  I feel that the independent artists need the air waves and I wanted to give them the platform to get started, plus I would like to add for people like Vernea Ware who was looking for a door to open so she could express her passion for radio”.

Dena’s words of advice to those looking into the field of radio is to please get as much education as you can on broadcasting and offer to shadow a lot of the local host that’s out here doing radio today.

“Thank you Lady Blue for taking interest in my world of radio”.

The pleasure was all mine.  There you have it folks!  Old school, in the know, with a voice and a passion to match.  Tune in Saturdays on 1590 AM WFBR @ 10 am for Must Be the Music


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