This is what Charm City is all about!  Those that are making a positive impact here, the DMV and around the world.  LB Flavah aims to share with you my view of Baltimore and Beyond!  This is Charm City and it has its charm, you just have to know were to look! Get to know what Baltimore has to offer from the underground music to the fashion to those who lend a helping hand.  Those who were born and raised in this city to those who have come here and learned to call it home!  We are known for more than just crabcakes!

Tell Me, Are You Listening?

Community activated and musically driven with a message to inspire his listeners.  This is what is unique about this Grammy considered artist of 2016.  What Dell-P has to tell you is a valid message to make you think and groove all at the same time.  Let’s get to know Dell-P  Tell my readers about you […]


Create a Winning Mindset

How do you define your WHY?    When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade or just turn and point to someone or something else?  Does your spirit speak to you and do you listen?  Many of us want to find our calling but don’t slow down long enough to listen.  Having a conversation […]


Hip Hop Inspired

A lyrical powerhouse is hip-hop inspired by legends who honed their craft.  Hip-Hop with a message and something more to say.  Hip-Hop that motivates.  Island born, New York bred and lyrically spirited, remember the name Gorganus!   For Omar Gorganus Robinson, it all started out just watching what he believed to be Hip Hop legends with […]


Press Conference with Tyrese, Lee Daniels and Amiyah Scott of STAR!

As I settled in for this press conference, I could feel the buzz over the phone.  Three very well known faces were about to give exclusive insight to an upcoming episode of STAR, the new series on Fox and it was on and poppin from the start.  Tyrese had one request of all of us: […]


Hello Marz!

In life we all go thru ups and downs.  Some we never expect.  But when you find that the strength within you is more that you could have hoped for, the gift you unwrap is amazing, like the planets just aligned in your favor.  As I was going thru my social media, I came upon […]


Thick Diamond Divas

“THE ADMIRATION OF ALL STRONG,CURVY FULL FIGURED WOMEN AND LOVING THE WONDERFUL MEN THAT LOVE OUR CURVES . GROWN AND SEXY COMMENTS , POST, FELLOWSHIP, PARTIES , TRIPS , MEET AND GREETS.” I had the honor of having the Prez herself, Thick Kelz aka Kelly Parker in studio with me last week.  It was refreshing […]

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The 2nd Annual 50 Shades of Blue

I wanted to share the write up that was in The RepYoGrind Blog and Urban Image Magazine.  I want you the reader to understand why I do this.  You may ask what is the point or why domestic violence.  I will answer that not only in this article but in telling you that this has […]


Bikini Bold

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and BEHOLD!  This beauty did it and then some! I cam across this story while browsing and stopped to see what it was all about.  This young lady battled her demons and won!  We all know how cruel others can be when you are not pencil thin. […]


Bronx Blowout!

Day Two of the Women of Hip Hop in just one word……………………….Flavor-full! Food by The Original Hip Hop Chef® Chef Tye……Slap yo’ Momma good! We stepped into the halls of the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse, Bronx New York.  Under construction, imagine walking into a huge foyer, original floors still intact.  Your voice echoes the hallways […]


The Original Hip Hop Chef® Chef Tye

The word Chef comes from the French which means, literally, “chief”. It is  the responsibility of a chef to manage the entire food service process. Menu planning, purchase, prep and presentation…. EVERYTHING that comes in and out of the kitchen. To be a chef, you must have great organizational skills, be creative and  personality is plus!  Taking your culinary […]


Like a Boss!

Boss Lady, CEO, owner, coordinator, Mogul.  Just a few of the hats worn by Tia Hamilton.  When I first met this wonderful lady, it was a quick phone chat and a car ride to and from and event that would put us on the road to working with each other.  Little did I know that […]


3rd Annual Youth Summit

1707 N Charles Street was the location.  Building in downtown Baltimore that would house this wonderful event.  After ascending to the second floor you walk into a brick lined room, well lit with plenty of natural and luminescent light.  Tables were already out as we got ready to prepare for the days events.  I brought […]


The Comeback Kid

June 26th, 2013 is a day that plays over and over for Robert Grant.  He carries a daily reminder of that day when an unknown subject struck him from behind doing 65mph in a 15mph zone high on heroin.  This story is one of near tragedy, perseverance and strength. It was a hit and run […]


Taj Icon

Pages turn while lessons are learned, we keep living as days go by.  It is my life confession.  Lady Blue. Sometimes the story is better told by the writer themselves.  I met Taj Icon last year and was very impressed by this seemingly quiet soul.  This soul has a message and now you the reader […]


Niku Singh

Mother Africa sings to us!  Her arms open wide to welcome you to what she has to offer.  Colors of the sunset, hues of the earth.  A land producing beauty, regal beauty and fashion!  Lady Blue I have a love of jewelry!  I came across this designer and immediately fell in love with the uniqueness […]