Happy Anniversary

Today I celebrate my husband.  I have been married for a year and could not be happier.  I have been married before, he has transitioned and will always remain in my heart because our families are connected.  My Dearest Victor has given me peace, joy, a huge family and best of all, all the love […]

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To Know, A letter to my husband Part 1

Little did I know  that when I wrote this in 2005 that I would be living out my writing.  I love the man in my life and the dreams we share and make.  This is for you, my love! I am open to share my experiences and feeling with your and I am just glad […]


Speak over Yourself

How often do you encourage yourself? Do you seek self preservation?  Or do you stand stagnate and continually self loathe? Do you gather your thoughts and present them at the altar? The power of life and death is in the tongue and it still marvels me how this one little muscle can cause complete havoc […]


Calling all Queens

I just want to share with you my latest writing.  I felt the need to speak to my sisters out there! I call our you Queens!  True Queens……. Remember that your duty (notice I did not say job) is more than to look good.  A Queen is respected and shows respect.  A Queen holds her […]


Steel Heart

My heart longs to love you, My heart longs to care Wrapped in steel wire, a box containing my love beats against walls of flesh surrounded by crimson flow Longing to break free and show the very beat that tells a story of love lost and gained One fatal prick somehow doesn’t end the game a […]