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Mother Africa sings to us!  Her arms open wide to welcome you to what she has to offer.  Colors of the sunset, hues of the earth.  A land producing beauty, regal beauty and fashion!  Lady Blue

I have a love of jewelry!  I came across this designer and immediately fell in love with the uniqueness of his designs.  They flatter, they form and they are natural elements shaped into something wonderful!  They can be worn by men and women alike.  Get ready to be wowed by designer Niku Singh!


Born in Nairobi, Kenya’s cosmopolitan capital city, Niku comes from a family background of creative people. Having always been the best in art & crafts and creative activities since childhood, Niku has turned a lifetime passion into a profession. Despite childhood dreams of becoming an architect or pilot, he studied interior design whilst helping to run the family’s engineering business and now full time into Jewelry & Fashion Design.   His family has been very supportive with the whole idea, in the beginning they were a bit skeptical over it since it was a strange profession line for someone in the family to start, but when they saw the outcome, they were really impressed and were all in!

“I am inspired by a lot, Nature, cultures, abstract shapes, my clients, people I meet, all these somehow tie up together into my creations. I feel Africa has set up so many beautiful trends in every little corner you see, it’s just never ending to get inspiration from”. Niku Singh

Looking back on many of his experiences he has reflected on a lot and has seen an Amazing Journey from where he started to date.  “It’s been extremely wonderful”, says Niku.  He admits that in the beginning people did take some time to adapt to the change and style of accessories but with time it’s grown onto them and are always looking forward to newer collections.  I found that many artists share the same obstacle.  Niku  wouldn’t particularly point to himself here, but one of the biggest obstacles artists have is  financial support.  “We seek when we are invited for big lifetime changing opportunities, getting investors becomes another task and mission on its own. We have the capacity, we just need people to believe and support the handmade art so that it doesn’t fade off with time giving lee way to mass machine made products. Secondly we have this certain range of people who call themselves designers, these are the people who look upon to designers like me and quickly start copying the ideas and branding themselves as “designers”, we need to pass the message across to them to be genuine, bring out to the table what no one has done yet.


“Be original and creative and look up what the term “Designer” means and holds. At the same given point God has been grateful and the minor ups and downs are taken care of as they come by”.


I very rarely come across someone who doesn’t want to change anything about what they do.  Personally, it is quite interesting and refreshing.  While writing for this article an others I find that change happens as you go but your style remains.  Niku says that he wouldn’t like to change anything about what he does because his style is very Unique and Exclusive, and you really can’t categorize it even if you sat down and tried to slot it somewhere. Instead,  he would like to go further into getting more creative and inspired for his future collections.


Some sage advice for the younger crowd.  Niku’s advice is that you need to know who you are, what style, colours, and size of accessories looks good on you. Mainly and most important of them all you need to realize and know what you are most comfortable wearing or carrying. Your personality carries what you wear. You might like what a run way model has pulled off yet the same piece of jewelry could work out the opposite of you or even better. Jewelry should be selected by the shape of your face, length of your neck, how broad your shoulders are and generally on your physique.


Envision/focusing ahead, being positive and thinking 10 years ahead of others. Niku Singh

Good things are in the works for Niku.  One of the upcoming plans is to soon support our local Maasai Market artisans by incorporating their art works along with my style; this will really help them and their families as they will now have large scale on selling and production rather than selling individually. Niku wants the world to appreciate Hand art works and keep supporting them. Niku has bigger plans on expanding further across globe.  “I wish I could tell the future as it will be, all I can say is the sky is the limit and the universe has big plans for everyone, we just have to be ready to accept and deal with it as it comes”.

I am excited to bring a little bit of Africa here to the United States.  If you have the chance, please check out the website and the fabulous jewelry and more to come from Niku Singh.





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