Nurture your Relationships

We encounter many relationships in our lifetime.  Some we have for a moment and some for a lifetime. For those relationships that we give our time and attention to we should understand what is important to keep them alive and thriving.  Here is a list of things that can help you keep good relationships going:

  1.  Be Kind and Honest.  We hear it all the time that communication is key in any relationship. Without it, the relationship will not survive.
  2. Work thru each situation.  Giving up, walking out the door or ignoring any part of a relationship will not help in its growth.  Sometimes the discomfort comes when one does not agree with the other.  Don’t throw in the proverbial towel when the going gets tough.  Work it out and come to an an agreement.
  3. Have some fun.  Everything in not that serious.  If you like to have fun, go have fun.  Remember, all work and no play make you kind of boring.
  4. Sharing.  Discoveries are what  keep a relationship healthy and thriving.  Let them know and be surprised together.  Dreams, goal, achievements anything that has you looking forward to the next moment.
  5. Support and compliment.  Lack of respect makes anyone feel like the connection has been lost.  Lift each other up and show how much you care
  6. Spread the Love.  From the boardroom to the bedroom, love, intimacy, romance and yes sex are relevant.  The desire has to be there or the spark will be gone.  There are plenty of ways to spice it up….get out there and try.
  7. Forgiveness.  Holding grudges, counting wrongs, remembering something from years ago and bringing it up now will do nothing for your current situation.  There will be losses, challenges and those things you just cannot put back together.  Being able to go thru these tough times together is what counts.
  8. Admit your mistakes.  We all do something that well is screwed up. Being able to learn and let go will give you more time to enjoy.

There are many other things that go into make a great relationship.  Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try something  new and bond.  Along with the greatest relationship you will have in your life (your heavenly Father) talk to each other and lean on each other and cherish what you have.

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