Where are you going?

Where have you been?

What page is your mind bookmarked  in?

Are you catching up re-reading the steamy pages of our last love scene

or are you skipping ahead hoping to skim over something better?

Are you allowing your heart to paint the picture you breathe

or are you stuck memorizing the lines of what was, what could be or what should?

What is your daydream about? Do you need a Chaperone through the halls of your mind 

collecting illicit thoughts of you and me.

Intertwined we climb our loins on fire, beautiful desire or am I on the ledge alone?

Turn the page and you might find  a gray area of the shadowed character you left behind

described between the lines of black and white. Do you get my meaning or is your plight a mystery,

A novel of romantic lusts quelled by burning desires or that hope of a faint touch?

Stacked soft hard cover or paperback what lies between the covers that only two 

bodies discover.  Open my book, move forward from there acknowledgement of you there bare 

for all to see turning pages 1……………..2………………………….and 3

No hurry, a good read.  Discover more by chapter 23.  Love my mind learn my soul

more pages ahead left blank for the pen to bleed the story you have yet to write.

Turn the pages between us our book on the shelf of life


Lady Blue