Lady Blue has found another positive artist for you to get to know!  Meet Kevin J. Frazier known as P. Phraze. He is on fire for the Lord and loves what he does.

Dear Reader,

My name is Kevin J. Frazier a radical servant of JESUS CHRIST. I love to do charitable things, charming, out going, energetic, assertive and humorous. I’m known as P.Phraze The Whisper a gospel lyricist (rapper)/poet/actor. I have various other talents like making beats, director, assistant composer, author and song writer. I discovered my talent and gift at a young age writing poems for my mom and dad. Later, reciting poems in Church then various school and church programs. I started writing raps after hearing artist like: Bone Thugs in Harmony and my deepest inspiration in the late 90s NAS and WU TANG. In 1997, I joined a secular rap group LC/GZ my heart was gospel but I just wanted to rap. I desired to stay positive and left to pursue doing conscience music after being inspired by artist such as: MOS DEF and TALIB KWELI. Maintaining my connection to JESUS I began doing GOSPEL RAP in 2007. Inspired by artist like TRIP LEE and LECRAE. I started a ministry called LONGEVITY PROJECT in 2000 free lancing moves in the community collaborating with church organizations, mentoring and speaking at shelters. I previously was an after school mentor at UNCHAINED TALENT ORG helping kids learn how to write raps and make beats before the school closed. I also started a music side called INNER G and released a few mix tape THIRD WIND and Failures not an option.

Lady Blue had some questions for this inspiring artist.

Tell my readers where were you born/raised

A: Baltimore MARYLAND

As you stated in the opening tell us again what made you decide to do what you do and how has the impact on community changed you life?

A: My FAITH in JESUS and the instructions in the bible that guides you on how to serve GOD and be a follow of CHRIST. Having a charitable heart I made time for serving the community. Seeing the bright faces of the youth made me lose fear of financial support. I sacrificed and reduce my hrs of work to have more time to ministry.

And the inspiraton for you to do what you do?

A: JESUS and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. In addition, the many lives changed nationally and Internationally through people connecting with me and being inspired by my words. The reaction of the audience when I perform. The stories that come back to me about the success that stemmed from the words I spoke through the HOLY SPIRIT

 What has been the biggest obstacle in achieving your success?

A: Being divorced and dealing with the separation and the many financial challenges that came with funding my ministry on my own. Those things are a challenge but no longer a obstacle. I’m thankful for that and humble.

The initial experience…what was it  like and what was the upside/downside of the experience?

  A: PAINFUL very painful. One point I didn’t have a settled place to sleep. It made me stronger and as time went on JESUS worked it all out. It was all a test. I could go in depth but my music and spoken word explains better.

Tell Lady Blue if there is there anything you would change about what you do ?

  A: Reaching out for more help and looking for funding from organizations . I would say consistency but I wait on the LORD so for most people they feel like what happen to P? Where did He go? I always stop and make time to meditate and continue my deep connect with CHRIST without HIM there is no P.Phraze The Whisper. It keeps me in the definition of an anointed artist vs. a talented artist. BIG DIFFERENCE trust me.


So what is your advice to the younger generation of people who find interest in what you do?

  A: Matthew 10:33 and Timothy 4:12-16. In addition, find your source of inspiration and thrive!!! KEEP GOING regardless of the outcome!! You will receive treasures in heaven beyond your imagination and GOD will take care of you on earth fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Has family played a part in your success?

A: Supporting me in prayer and encouraging words

Is there any one thing that you constantly do/say that makes a difference in the outcome of what you do?

  A: On FACEBOOK my “GOD MORNING” Words of encouragement daily, my walk in CHRIST is consistent and I minister every where I go letting my light shine. My ministry is one of secret I humbly do things that I can not speak on. I consider myself special forces of CHRIST. To discuss it will be revealing other people’s problems or issues and lose my reward in heaven for doing it. I will say I believe you will be changed in some way meeting me.

What is in store for the future?

  A: I just agreed to sign with a label that is in the works called INSERT HEAR governed by an anointed man of GOD name Brandon Leak. I’ve been waiting and praying for this to happen before I release another project. My next project will be called “PLAN C (PLAN CHRIST) ”

How can readers reach you or make contributions to you or your organization?


Check me out on YOUTUBE/Phraze410 you can listen to my mixtape

Contributions can be sent to PayPal:

Committed, convicted and running on!  It is a breath of fresh air to see so much positive in one vessel!  I hope my readers take hold to the words put down here and choose the straight and narrow!

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