Positive Inspirations

Why do I post positive inspiration? Is it because I need help? Is it because I wish to help someone else or is it just to be on the bandwagon?


Well here’s my spin on it. I feel the need for positive inspiration because of the years of negativity that I went through. When you gone through 30 plus years of being degraded, talked about, talk down to, called out your name or anything of the like that is not uplifting you tend to develop a mood. It was a move that I really wanted to shake and the best way to shake it was to make sure that I was blessing others while I was being blessed. When I took the time to stop look at my situation evaluate the fact that I was getting more blessings and I was getting more negativity things started to turn around.

Now I’m not saying that this is immediate cure-all for everyone. It took time for me to develop and build towards the attitude that I have now because I had very low self-esteem. I went through an exercise that was given to me by a fellow clergymen that helped me out a lot and I share it with those who wish to listen so I’m going to share it with you. It may sound odd to you but I want you to go to your nearest craft store and I want you to pick up River Rocks a bag or two of River Rocks the kind that are smooth and that you can do things besides put them in a jar. When you get this River Rocks I want you to also get white paint or white out and markers and a couple of mason jars and here’s what you need to do.

1.  Mark one mason jar negative and one positive

2.  Take your river rocks and paint one side of them.

3.  Start to write every negative statemenf or word that has ever been directed toward you on these rocks. Now for some of you that charm may fill up quickly for others it may take a little bit.

4. Notice how heavy that negativity jar is just gather the feel of it and let’s move on.

5. Take to positive jar and start to write happy things said towards you.  It may be light at first but it will fill up.

In time you will start to notice that your positives will outweigh your negatives. Then you will take that negative jar and you will use it as a doorstop as I do now. Those negatives have never ever come back into my life ever since I let go of all of them and put them on those rocks. The jar represents the weight that I was carrying in my heart, on my shoulders, in my mind, and in my spirit. The positive the light is the freedom that I now feel because I have let it all go.

It does hold true the tighter that you hold on to those things that hurt you the more they hurt…..when you let them go is when you can release yourself from the pain.

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