We have seen a lot of natural disasters in recent months.  Most of us have probably experienced a loss of power of inability to get to and from the store.  I know for me, I can hear my mother telling me not to open the refrigerator so that the frozen food and the cold stays as long as possible.  I came across an article on Yahoo that broke down some of the things that you can do to prepare and sustain when mother nature strikes!

Just to run the list you should:

  1. Fill the pantry
  2. note what is in your freezer
  3. Know what will last
  4. get creative

I especially like the last one because it allows you to bring out your inner chef and discover some new and exciting dishes that you may have only thought of and not tried yet!  It also allows you to utilize non-perishables and make the most of what you have on hand.

One thing that I want to add is to make sure you have manual tools on hand.  Can openers in both forms along with mason jars and a cooler for ice are a necessity during power outages. If you can store a few gallons of water and extra blankets, candles, batteries and invest in a wave radio so that you are able to keep up with news and weather!