Deep Blue Thought of the Week!

Don’t Hoard your Blessings

As I was scrolling through my social media today I took notice of how many people have extraordinary things that are happening to them.  Then I noticed how they want others to be happy for them but they are not willing to share.  What is that?? When we have received a blessing it is not […]


Guest Writers

Carmen Garner

Born and raised in Springfield, Mass., Carmen Garner faced many trials at a young age. ¬†Realizing most kids did not grow up the way he did among the projects and crack houses, he knew something was different. ¬†Endless family ¬†members using needles filled with heroin, his mother begging for crack and eventually having to watch […]


Vibe In Blue

To Know, A letter to my husband Part 1

Little did I know  that when I wrote this in 2005 that I would be living out my writing.  I love the man in my life and the dreams we share and make.  This is for you, my love! I am open to share my experiences and feeling with your and I am just glad […]


LB Flavah!

This is what Charm City is all about! Those that are making a positive impact here, the DMV and around the world. LB Flavah aims to share with you my view of Baltimore and Beyond! This is Charm City and it has its charm, you just have to know were to look! Get to know what Baltimore has to offer from the underground music to the fashion to those who lend a helping hand. Those who were born and raised in this city to those who have come here and learned to call it home! We are known for more than just crabcakes!

Like a Boss!

Boss Lady, CEO, owner, coordinator, Mogul.  Just a taste of the many hats worn by Tia Hamilton aka Mz. Konnoisseur.  When I first met this wonderful lady, it was a quick phone chat and a car ride to and from and event that would put us on the road to working with each other.  Little […]


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Dr. Eric L. Holmes

Joining The Majors on Covenant Connection Friday March 9th from 11 am to 1pm EST will be none other than Dr. Eric L. Holmes author of The Power of the Seed.  This local author and Man of God will be joining us in studio. We will get to know him and his book and his […]


Artist Spotlight

Tell Me, Are You Listening?

Community activated and musically driven with a message to inspire his listeners.  This is what is unique about this Grammy considered artist of 2016.  What Dell-P has to tell you is a valid message to make you think and groove all at the same time.  Let’s get to know Dell-P  Tell my readers about you […]


Lady Blue Groove

Black History …Did You Know?

Marielle Franco

She stood in the gap where those without a voice would be heard. Say her name….Marielle Franco.  Just from the pictures you can see the brightness of her smile and her spirit that seemed to not dim no matter the situation.  She loved her community and her home.   This Brazilian politician, feminist and human rights […]


Health Corner

Killer Flu?

The flu has been running rampant across the US this year and it does not show signs of stopping. Children and the elderly are the most susceptible at this time.  Many flu related deaths have been reported and seem to keep climbing.  I wanted to share some information from CNN and also some tips to […]


Places To Be

Cape Town, South Africa

I have a healthy bucket list of places that I wish to see before I pass on.  My husband has me watching a show called Strike Back on Cinemax and they are showing some of the most beautiful sights that I have ever seen of one of the places on my bucket list.  Let’s see […]