Purse Envy

I consider myself to by a purse officianado.  By that I mean I love a good purse.  Yes, I have Coach, a Gucci, Madden and even and DB.  My make up I carry in a Marilyn Monroe bag.  Marilyn is an icon whose face is very familiar and we tend to gravitate toward it because its recognizable.  Her face is gentle and represents power in women.  She is on purses, mirrors, posters, paintings and more!  My burning question is this: 


I mean, really!  I would gladly walk around with a purse branded with the likes of Diana Ross, Pearl Bailley.  OOOOOh, how about Dorothy Dandridge!  She was the Marilyn of that age and gorgeous to boot!  I just really feel that we need to personalize the faces of the women who have made their mark in Holly wood (like Marilyn) and in public, (like Marilyn).  We need to show force in that we are proud of our black women and that we would let the world know it.  Check out these pics and tell me if you wouldn’t love one of these faces adorned on a purse you own:  


I mean think about it. A purse with Diana Ross, Pearl Bailey or Joyce Bryant.  All Hollywood sirens in their own right.  Or maybe one of the following:

Who wouldn’t want Foxy Brown on their tote bag or Diane Carroll or Jane White on their hip!  These are faces that we should adorn on our fashion accessories.  I would love to find someone, even the starlets themselves who would be willing to have their likeness on fashionwear.  We need to promote our women and their strength and beauty.  We should have our little black girls asking about their beauty and strength and their place in history.  We should feel empowered when we pull out an accessory that bears their likeness and think to ourselves how beautiful we really are.  I believe it is time to take the industry by storm with powerful black women on posters, mirrors, purses, clothing and more.  Let it be more than just the almighty dollar and material gain.  Let it be a purchase you can feel good about and be able to tell others about with the same sass and finesse that these ladies have today.

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