Put on your Black Girl Magic….
Let ’em watch and watch ’em stare…
Put on your Black Girl Magic
Don’t they wish they had your hair.

No silicone, no add-ins
Nothing but pure melanin
Keep it smooth and tight
My kisses are like dy-no-MITE!
Lipstick hugs my lips so full of
history that ain’t no bull
A mother’s love created me
A Queen by right is what I will be!
Hips that curve the world of
sensuality that can only be me
My daddy loved me and showed me power
Not love to be given by the hour
All I hold comes naturally
All my children are my legacy

Put on your Black Girl Magic
Every step I take can’t non compare
Putting on my Black Girl Magic
All the love will keep me there!


Cover image by Foxxy-Girl003