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The fact that music is soothing to the soul to me is sometimes an understatement.  I have heard all kinds of music on both ends of the spectrum.  When you find a beat and lyrics that stick with you and have you singing to yourself you know you have been moved!  Let me introduce you to MC Jade!  A London, UK MC that is about her message in her music.

MC Jade is a producer, rapper and MC born to Jamaican parents she currently is based in Europe currently residing in London, UK.  She is about determination, culture, faith and passion!  Her start in music was at a young age, watching UK television show Top of the Pops.  “I fell in love with the whole entertainment and the musicians and always wanted to express myself through lyrics”, says MC Jade.  Her dream was to have a song that everybody would know and sing!  She sometimes is inspired by listening to other artist that are around her and very influential in the UK.  Writing what comes to mind, the MC side finds what to talk about and remain relevant in flows and delivery.  As an artist, she mainly finds topics to create on in the same garage/pop/dance genre and after years of trying to find herself, it works!

Her first show was at an open mic night.  She did not really notice the audience, but the host had a different agenda.  “She was a fierce lady who to be honest thought I couldn’t sing/rap and didn’t have much talent”, say MC Jade.  She surprised her and the crowd started cheering! It was a great night!  Preferring to be behind the mic, MC Jade remembers the last time she was on stage over two months ago at a private gig in Cyprus.  “It was a great time away for a short break; it inspired me to write my new tune Excuses. The video should be coming out on April 12th, 2015.  MC Jade finds that the difference in music from the states to other countries is the difference for being a rapper and MC.  “Most American artists make it over here in the UK and the music is more an American market but the main style of music is pop and dance electronic music (which I MC too), than rap hip-hop which most people rap to”.

Her favorite artists go between Gladys Knight, SWV, Wiley, Lady Lykez and CeCe Peniston. Her current release “Not Scared” featuring Cakey P. is a very hard gritty track celebrating 2015 and is available on ITunes and the video on You Tube.

Having collaborated with American artist Titan from Gutterboyz Entertainment in Arizona, she would love to do another collab. “Clean Bandit”, was a dope track.  She found Titan after reaching out on Twitter, a couple of old news stories were building in the industry and she thought to clash these people with “Not Scared”.  Not Scared was written because there was a rise of artists coming together like a clan of people, the atmosphere was really abrupt on the underground music scene, but I decided that I wasn’t’ scared and wanted everyone to feel the same.  “Cakey P was a new era artist and it was just right to have her on the track”, says MC Jade.  She expresses interest in collaborating with UK artist Shystie. “She’s a dope model and MC.  Abroad I love the whole afro beats movement”.  Finding the positive in her lyrics, MC Jade tells Lady Blue that coming into the whole house & garage scene she was a consultant for over 3 months from a renowned record label owner.  The DJ’s absolutely loved her sound and told her to keep positive and professional.  It is possible she says to do music without the vulgar language.


There you have it ladies and gentleman.  A unique background combined with musical variety, MC Jade has a sound reaching across the waters!  Giving the UK vibe to America.  Watch out for MC Jade!


Contact: Lady Blue

Email: jadedaley@yahoo.co.uk

Twitter: @justjadeupdates @jadeandeleelah


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