Removing the Mask

You have heard the saying fake it till you make it right?  How many times have you done that just to get by?  What was the result when you finished? The ultimate question is….Do you know how to be just you?

Sometimes that “fakeness” adds a layer of something we don’t want in our lives.  Whether it be personal or not, physical or emotional, we all have masks to conceal how we really feel (happy, sad, overjoyed, excited, etc.).  Carrying around those masks and having to decide on a daily basis what emotion you will put on for the day is taxing!


Free yourself of those masks NOW! Stop faking and learn to accept the you that you are.  Be real to yourself and you can be real to others.  Now before you throw out the idea, I know that is can be very hard to find someone you can trust and bare your soul to but there are other avenues to release that energy and there are good people out there that will not rob you of who you are.  Strip off the heaviness of carrying so many different masks and let them fall to the floor and break.  If you feel weighed down, lighten the load.  You don’t have to be anyone but you!  You are original and unique!  I personally am tired of wading through the lake of fakeness to get to the shores of reality.  The world has enough scammers and wannabes in it.  WE as women and men are in need of genuine, down to earth people who are not afraid to be themselves and be true to themselves and on occasion be transparent and let someone know you have a realness about you.

Learn to love you, it is a lot easier than you think!



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