kenyatta parker
Last night I died

I dove into you
Getting physical with your every fantasy.
I laid hold to you
Slowly stealing your breath away
I ask…
Would you die
A slow
Death with me?
Echos as I take control
Never letting your feet touch ground
Thrusting me in you
You smiling
Moaning don’t put me down
I standing still
But for you
The rooms is spinning around…
Holding you at the waist
I turn you upside down
Hands holding your head from hitting the ground
I taste…
Feeling light headed
Your arms give way
An the man in me
The woman in you
In place
I feast
Tasting the sweetness of a Queen
You ceased your kings manhood
And got verticle with a 69
The wall holding me
And I holding you
I was stuck between a rock and a sweet place
To die in your grasp
What more could I ask
But even more
You desire to die with me
At its highest level
Love sharpens Love
Rythmic motion
Love has created its own motion
The notion of the release is near
Its the feeling of fear
With a pleasurable feeling
Of overwhelming love
Topped off with an explosion
Of pure erotica
To die for….
I ask again
Would you die
A slow
Death with me…
An we die
A sweet
Loving the moment
Of an erotic abyss
To die for…
For last night I died…

Last night I died
Written by illadelp 03/19/2015

Lady Blue’s Response 03/20/2015

You dove into me
was the pool deep enough to swim?
The physical fantasy that moaned
breath escaping
I answer…
this death
alive within me?
Cradle me
as I grab you by your thighs
my love wrapped around your head
My abundance flows
as you rise to me
thoughts buried deep
As the woman in me
drives the man in you
to heights never before seen
I feel the strength of my King
I steady myself on the rock
of that sweet place that
is alive in your grasp
hands on my hips
is there more you ask?
Let me die with you
that edge so sharp
back and forth
cutting into me
Our motion is like no other
as we reach the edge of
I feel you explode
my body tightens
I can’t let go
to die for you…
this moment is sweet
not like the last
I want more

Thanks to my friend Illadelp from Philadelphia for allowing me to post his words on my page!  Much respect and a powerful pen!