The books Eyes Without A Face, The Story Of Samuel P. Holloway III, and my second book, “How It All Happened~ The Raw Truth” are riveting stories that covers a wide variety of things from Rape, Prostitution, Molestation, Child Abuse, Incest, Sexual Abuse, Family Abuse/ Rejection, Bullying, Domestic Violence to me finally finding peace….I know it’s a lot but it is a must read. GOD didn’t leave me and HE kept me here to share my story to help heal and to educate others. These books are definitely page turners and will send you on an emotional roller coaster ride….You will truly connect with me (the author) while you’re reading my story through my ups and downs….. Samuel P. Holloway III
Samuel Holloway III Bio 
Samuel P. Holloway, III (born Robert Theotis Edmond) was born in Gary, Indiana where he attended Gary Community Schools. He completed high school at Theodore Roosevelt High School and attended Ivy Technical College, Indiana State University and St. Paul Technical College.  He has had a dark life filled with the perils of abuse, promiscuity, exploitation and domestic violence.  As a result of his tumultuous life, he eventually began working on a book of his own to delineate his experiences in hopes that he could help someone else. 
Samuel is currently residing in Atlanta, GA attending college. He will be graduating with the class of 2017 in May from Atlanta Metropolitan State College with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Samuel has been speaking at some events pertaining to Bullying, Abuse and Domestic Violence, since his first book was released. 
Read about my life and how I survived and coped through my personal journey of abuse, molestation, bullying and discrimination, love, domestic abuse, empowerment and the power of faith.
This book is beyond me. It’s about something much greater than myself. It’s a movement. It talks about real life situations and I’m just the voice behind the book. I’m the person that went through it all to come out on the other side and tell you brighter days are coming. I’m still here. I will be the voice…I will speak for all of us…We will be heard. I’m trying to deliver a strong, positive, motivating message Push through- Pull through and always have faith. We all can overcome any and all adversaries and obstacles placed in front of us with a little determination and faith. 
I pray that I can reach just one person on my journey. An abuser, a rapist, a bully or a parent that can’t digest or fathom, the thought of their child or someone being gay or different. I hope it reaches siblings, to teach them to be support systems for each other; and most of all, a child, teen, young adult or adult that has been in the storm or feels like there entering one, we all have to go through life’s lessons but it what we take from them, what we learn that helps us see the light to a brighter tomorrow. We want to encourage children to TELL and parents to LISTEN, because if it happened to me, it may have happened to you or someone you know. Don’t allow this vicious cycle to continue. Speak up, for the movement cannot begin without us!!!!
There is a short video about my life and books located here