Oct. 20, 2014

Soul search from my perch
I look to see many that are looking at me
The weight that’s lifted while I wait for you
You give me strength, You gave me purpose, and You gave your good to me
As I look out and observe the crowd, let my light so shine from thee, you see…….

The life I live stretches out beyond this persona I keep
Words to you, meaning to me, my soul comes alive with every beat
Forgiven and free I choose to be me.
The music that flows, a tune so sweet I know
I invite you to dance one two, one two, one two three!
The rythm of Gods perfect trilogy

You can’t come and me from the left or the right for ten thousand or more of His angels stand and fight
My righteousness is in Him alone… you want to come along?

Soul Search 2014 began long befored wisdom to know, accept the serenity
My courage to change one word at a time it is my flow and it is divine
Come search with me and your sould you will find
I search…You search…Sould search…It’s time!

Dedicated to DJTwizz and TwizzIz Creations

Lady Blue

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