Liquid Silence


Liquid silence surrounds me
Pulls at me from within, I float toward your energy
The flickers of light seem so bright, as the sound crashes into me and the wave seemed so muffled
My legs feel heavy but my heart seems light
No sense in struggle, no room for fight

My head hits the pillow, I sink toward sweet oblivion
that place called a dream where you meet me with your smile
tell me its real and that it will last a little while
Hands trace, shadows dance, souls sing, one more chance

Your love surrounds me, to sink in words of desire
Come fill me, come find me, come make me the only thing between you and the distant flicker of daylight
Come wrap around me and vibrate with me as we find the song to dance together

Sunlight wakes and the feeling of heaviness breaks through ocean of my mind
Come back my love, come back my dream, I’ll meet you again at moonlight time

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