Silent Voice

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She sits and spies as the world goes by 

longing for that feeling called free.

Trying not to cringe as he brushes her neck 

and whispers you are beautiful to me.

Why doesn’t he see past the one eye open 

the other closed and bruised.

Fighting hard to show the smile she knows

he must see and silently repeating, this will keep him off of me.

But honey I love you as fists start to fly

bent over protecting her future

as the door slowly slams on freedom.

I once had friends, talked to family

as I wonder while others dress me.

For once there is sweet silence to bad it is my heart

He hit me, I cried, I tried to tell you, though he lied. Wait till we 

get home, but my circumstance is now well known.

The flowers are pretty though the fragrance escapes me

as it lingers among the tears and the veil.

My children kiss my forehead before sunlight fades to dark.

Please remember me, I loved as much as I could

You just couldn’t hear me, he was just misunderstood.

No longer to make excuses, no more to feel the pain

Remember me, I loved you to death

My death is what it took, to make you realize the truth

No longer will I scream. Domestic Violence has a voice

Will you listen to me now? 


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