They say that music soothes the savage beast.  Music is what moves the soul.  With a know how and an out of the box attitude, creativity takes off! With that said, it is not every day that you will hear a name like this one – Antsizzle!   I suggest that you add this name to the growing list of up and coming artist claiming their stake in the world of hip hop!

Originally from  Sandusky, Ohio, Anthony Branch is young to the writing game but not the sound, he has almost always free-styled with his rap and doing music since the age of 10 making beats on a JVC boom box.  Producing his own music has been happening since his senior year in high school.  “Music has always been an inspiration, says Anthony “. “I love it , breathe it eat it”.

Bringing a style all his own, Antsizzle says that he is not paying attention to what other artists are doing while he is trying to get paid doing what he loves to do. His first recording titled The Great Lakes take over was not a release he was proud of. Continuing in good faith, it was not until the official release of Ruff Draft that he received way more love than expected.  Supported by other artists/producers  such as MOB OUT, ENT, SFR Fam, Biship and Dj ize, his advice to other artists coming into the music scene is to put your work in because he is certain that his is a name you will remember.  Anthony’s take on mainstream mirrors many other underground artists. “It is not what it used to be”, says Antsizzle, “that’s where I come in bringing it back”!

Working with graphic designer Brandi White, his artwork speaks to his music and drive as well. “I people to pay attention to the beat of my music because it is what I am saying”.  With a sense of humor he admits he can get a little crazy so you may never know what you will hear.  Open to work with other artist he spits out names like Lil’ Wayne, The Game, TI and others.

Antsizzle does not see a big difference between east or west coast.  He loves both sounds though his style does represent the east coast.

Get ready for Antsizzle!


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