I meet a lot of people as I write!  This young man I have gotten to know through another local artist!  You can’t help but feel what he feels when he flows with his music.  Let’s take a look at Baltimore hip hop artist Stoney Mhuggah!

Stoney Austin aka Stoney Mhuggah was raised on North Pulaski and decided that hip hop was where he wanted to be when he linked up with his cousin Rara…rest in peace… “I caved into hip hop although I started of R&B”, says Stoney Mhuggah.   He came up with his stage name when friends called him Money.  He came up with the Arabic term for money and added it to Stoney … Stoney Mhuggah is the outcome!!!

R&B music and honestly peace and quiet is where Stoney gets most of his inspiration from and he writes mostly during the hours most people are asleep. “I wait until I’m to myself and I can have a clear mind to write because a lot of times I am distracted by the surrounding noise”!!!  “I have a very laid back personality so most of the time I’m calm”, says Stoney.

Stoney Mhuggah finds his stage presence is wonderful.  “I know for a fact my audience enjoys the turn-up I’m bringing to the stage in each every performance”.  “I pretty much work with people who are in my circle… I feel like these are the people I’dI rather stick to because they know me! Skull Squad Forever”!  Skull Squad : It was founded by myself alongside my departed cousin Jarrod Lee Covel in 2007.  It is a brother and sisterhood of a about 60 … We influence our youth with our movement which we call “Baby Skullahz”.  We all embrace each other with a custom hand greeting and a ton of Love/Loyalty/Honor/ and Respect.

We Are Young Entrepreneurs Who Indulge In Music/Fashion/Videography and Charity .

Once U Become A Member… U Are Forever A Member.. Not Bcuz Of A Violent Coded Outcome… But Bcuz The Love U Will Experience From This Family Will Be One Non Have Never Experienced From Another Extended Family. #SkullSquadForever

As far as hip hop is concerned, Stoney Mhuggah finds it is more acceptable now than before.  “Yes, most definitely…Hip Hop began as a majority “black thing” by now you have rappers pretty much from every race”!!!

Confidence is a strong point for this artist.  Stoney Mhuggah tells Lady Blue that there is nothing he would change about himself.  He states “ I am who was created to be”.

His advice for those who are wanting to step before the mic is this; “I believe in showing and proving… If you want to do something show yaself and prove yaself”!

As for future work Stoney Mhuggah tells his fans and readers to stay tuned…. there is lot’s coming!!!

There it is!  True to his music, his friends and his music.  Skull Squad and Stoney Mhuggah a Baltimore hip hop force to be reckoned with!


IG: @skullboss_stoney
Twitter: @yolo_stoney