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Jack of all trades and master of none.  How many of us know someone like this?  How many of us know someone that lives up to the name?   Let’s meet Donnie Darrango and go inside The Hall at Heaven’s Deli.

Donnie Darrango has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years in the Park Heights area.  For three years he served as the stand manager at Camden Yards for the venues just outside the park.  Heaven’s Deli has been in the Park Heights area since November of 2013.  Donnie has been with Heaven’s Deli since February 2014 and became manager of the hall, better known as the Golden Room Reception Hall and Caterers since it opened in November of this year.  Donnie has had no formal school training in culinary arts but was brought up in deep family tradition and on the job training.  He considers himself to be more of a facilitator and banquet manager.  Possessing a natural talent for hospitality, he was and still is making money but he also found that music was his mainstay and has been doing that for over 30 years.

Entertainment runs in the family.  Donnie was introduced to music by his father who was a percussionist for the Persuaders.  Though his father passed away when he was 5 years of age, the music never faded.  His family, mostly uncles, would shower him with stories of old and he grew to love it.  Donnie went on to do shows during high school at Frederick Douglass High School.  He furthered is education by attending Morgan State University where he studied music and he also attended TESST college of Technology.  His first ever music event was with the man you all know and love Edigga aka Ernest Harris music production by AJ Sterling.  Donnie remembers spinning for 15 years but with no real income.  “AJ said he would teach me how”.  and out came their first project called RoughTime Music presents…..

Donnie is the owner/President at record label called 4-Wheeler-Music Inc., DTech Communications and M.L.B (Major League Beatz) Studios.  Though not into the production realm of things, he started 4-Wheeler-Music in 1997 after the birth of his daughter.   During this time the club scene was hot and a lot of individuals were looking for production companies.  Miss Tony, a dear friend was one of those hot on the scene at that time.  After a couple of years, things in production began to decrease and Donnie turned to the restaurant business.  Though not a big name in the Parkville community, Donnie feels that he is making a difference when he can.  “If I can have a positive influence where I am, then I know I have made a difference”. It’s a personal endeavor, says Donnie.  Focusing on youth he sees a little of himself in them because he used to be on the streets, running around with no guidance so it is not unfamiliar.  His goal is to have a safe haven to keep the youth off the street.    “Sometimes the youth of today are confused and don’t know which way to go.  To find love, you must offer it. If you have a dream, do it well and go for what you know.  I like to see happy, thriving, young people making a difference”.

Heaven’s Deli located at 4406 Park Heights Ave in Baltimore is a black family/Christian owned business that has a lot to offer the community.  Many events are already happening in this spot and many more to come.  The Golden Room Reception Hall and Caterers is also available for many functions as well.  Contact Donnie @ 443-983-9845 or Travis, the owner, at 443-599-3669


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Meet Donnie Darrango

You know its good when you can sit down and smile while you enjoy good food!


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