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I love doing articles like this!  When you come across a kindred, creative and positive spirit and see that their life is on that  positive path it just makes the whole process of interviewing them more fun!  This brother right here has been a joy to get to know, laugh with and now get some insight on his personal side, personal views, the Baltimore scene since the riots and YES  his fashion sense and gospel career!  Let me introduce you to my friend Brother Calvin D. Tucker Jr.


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Who is Calvin Tucker? Calvin is a Strong, Talented and Determined creation of the most High God.  He is a Preacher/Teacher of the Gospel of Jesus the  Christ

What part of Baltimore are you from?  Talk about your family
My family is from West Baltimore.  We grew up in the first house on Fonthill Ave.  On the same street that you had to take in order to get to Southwestern High School.  My family is very musical.  My parents; specifically my mom allowed and pushed my siblings and I to experiment in every form of positive expression that we expressed interest in.  My mom made sure that it didn’t matter what we were doing;  If we were going to do it at all, we were going to have to give it everything we had.  That has contributed to the Unstoppable Character and Work Ethic that I have today.

Where did you get your start modeling? 
Family, School and Church functions is where I got my start in the performing arts.

Did singing come naturally or were you a developed singer?
Singing came naturally however I took two semesters if classical voice lesions to slow down my vibrato and strengthen my control.

What have you seen in the past few days since the unrest in Baltimore?
I have seen people hurt, confused and so much more.  It seems that the bad always out ways the good.  The interesting thing is that; Until we all realize that ALL LIVES MATTER-ALL THE TIME;  then there will be no hope for our generations coming up because as you can see we continue to Exterminate our own race and our own neighbors.  Its beyond sad and I wish I had the one answer that would stop the violence instantly.

How have you seen the church get involved since this started?
There is an initiative called #onebaltimore that was launched by Dr. Jamal Bryant and Bishop Walter Thomas involving All Clergy and Media leaders who have met and are still in the process of planing to take our community back.

 What do you feel could be done differently in this situation? What can be done to encourage social change in Baltimore?  How can law enforcement be viewed differently here versus Ferguson, LA, South Carolina, etc.?
I feel like the State needs to put Billions of immediate funds to rebuild Rec Centers;  Sports and Performing Arts-After School Programs.  There was a retired cop that talked about the officer friendly initiative that was poppin’ when I was little and how officers were assigned communities and recs to be active in which resulted in them getting to know the community.  This needs to come back like yesterday.  Even with all this.  We need to continue to police our close friends when we know they are up yo no good.  We need to tell our friends that they were created in the image and likeness of Jesus the Christ which makes us all Royalty!  O my when Youth reach out aggressively and consistently to their close friends and peers will there be evidence of a shift in violence.

Do you feel area churches can be more involved?I do and with the #onebaltimore initiative;  this is the perfect chance for us to do just that.

Where were you when it all started?
I was performing in P.A. when it all  started and by the time I got home,  I was glued to the TV.

 How did you feel when they called your name as Male model of the year at the RepYoGrind awards?
I felt so blessed and empowered to do even more.  This award was given to a 31 year old, Dark Skined dude who was called Ugly, Faggot, Nigger and counted as a statistic as a boy.  I mean the one who as an adult was told he is not a real model because he doesn’t do nude or sexually suggestive shoots and work.  I could go on and on about the negative but I choose to rejoice that the same one they said all this and more about is now an Established Model, Actor, Designer, Stylist, Recording Artist, Mentor to young Male Models with the Male Model REACH Movement and more.  That award meant so much.

What is new for you in your modeling/singing career?  Acting: More shows as “Ricardo” in the hit stage play “Til Death Do Us Part”, I’m a Police officer in a play called “Wounded” that opens in a few months, Waiting to hear back about a Musical that will tour both the East and West coast starting this fall, and I continue to go on auditions.

Modeling: I’m about to compete in a $5,000 Model Completion in NYC, My 2015 Model Calendars are no longer in print; those were a dream come true to release, working on trying to be the Face of Fashion and Ad. Campaigns locally and nationally.

Music:  Recording my album, Taking 3 Baltimore Artists with me on my 5-City Fall Motivational Music Tour which kicks off at Terra Cafe in September and hits parts of P.A., D.C. and other cities are still being secured.

What can we expect from you in the near future?  Expect me to continue to pop up at any event that has to do with Positivity and the Performing Arts.  Continuing to take the Gospel of Jesus the Christ to everyone who has an ear.

Any words of encouragement for those out there looking to get started in your field?Continue to study and watch your favorite music videos over and over, flip through your favorite fashion magazines over and over.  Surround yourself with weird and unique friends like yourself so that you will have a support system who knows that our weird personalities stem from a Greatness that can not be boxed or categorized.  Study formally and in the field.  NETWORK yourself to death because that’s the key to all of this.  And most of all;  Do what God had called you to do and don’t stop until that vision is fulfilled.


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