How often do you encourage yourself?

Do you seek self preservation?  Or do you stand stagnate and continually self loathe?

Do you gather your thoughts and present them at the altar? The power of life and death is in the tongue and it still marvels me how this one little muscle can cause complete havoc or enter in unspeakable joy! Your life is important so why would you discourage yourself?

There are things that you want in life and that is okay.  What if you don’t get them right away….are you okay with that or does it frustrate you?  One thing that I have learned is that my timing sucks but God’s timing is perfect!  Learning the virtue of patience is key in receiving those things that you need versus the things you want.  Let me explain….

Looking at things you don’t see how you could possibly come up with the down payment.  Or maybe a bill is due and you know you have to pay it buy other priorities take over…..sound familiar?  Okay, so do you pull your hair out or do you speak life into your finances and remind yourself of your place in the kingdom of God?  I take those bills and/or situations and I put them in the bible where I was last reading and I leave it there but not before letting my spirit know that I am not defeated and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.  I continue to work and to pray and to live my daily life.  I leave it with the Lord take solace that He provides all things for me.  There are times that it does come down to the last minute and you have not been able to find a solution but somehow you have survived until your next payday and are able to pay the bill.  Every situation in your life that you have you can speak life or death into.  A house, car, finances, job, writing, drawing, etc.  What you speak about comes about in its due time.  Choosing your words wisely is also important.  Making mistakes is a part of daily living.  How you react (speak) will define what you attract (draw into your spirit).  


As human beings we have an overwhelming need to want more than we need.  We fill our lives with material things and then cannot figure out why we are still hollow inside.  Find your happiness within and with your spiritual connection and focus on what will fulfill your life.  Surround yourself with those that will pour into you and your purpose.  Ask to be placed in the presence of those who can help further you along and you will see Deuteronomy 28 come to life!