Spida Lee

This is a fun article!  This young man is from across the pond, is an emcee and a fashion designer.  The UK is revealing some very interesting prodigies and Lady Blue is on the verge of discovering yet another one.  After reading my article on MC Jade, this young man jumped at the opportunity to get to know my US audience.  Without further adieu, here comes the Spida!


Hi everybody I go by the name of Spida Lee, I am a Rapper and a fashion designer. I have been doing music on a serious level for nearly 10 years. I have had music, in most of my life.  My dad is a musician, and my aunties showed me a lot about hip hop music.  I released an album with a group called practical heads who were all my cousins back in 2004 or 2005.  Then in 2007 I released my 1st solo album called the foundation, a few single got radio play and video play on TV. 2010 I released an album called The Original Soundtrack. 2012 I did an EP called Carriacou Jack 99% and it was because of this release I started my clothing line. 2014 I realised Life’s A Gamble mixtape and now am still working on music and my clothing line is doing really well. The reason why I started my clothing line, I released a cd called carriacou Jack and to me it seemed like people wasn’t buying the cd, due to all downloading and people free downloading music.  I had to think of a way to sell my CDs.  So I got in touch with a friend who did clothing  printing and he said he can do me some t shirts and designed me a logo saying carriacou Jack I started out with 20 t shirts and it’s been no stop since 2012. The music and clothing line has had a good effect on my life, I feel proud that I have my own little business, and it’s something positive.



Spida Lee was born and raised in a town called Huddersfield, in the county of Yorkshire, which is the north of England. His parents are from the Caribbean from the island of Grenada and Carriacou which is an island off Grenada.  He has always loved music, and hip hop is his number 1 music. He used to love watching MTV yo raps and from then on he always wanted to be a MC. With the clothing as stated before printing shirts turned into something bigger.  He was thinking of a way to sell the CDs. So when people bought an item of clothing they got a free cd with it. The impact on the community has changed his life by the love and support that was received has also helped him grow in confidence. And knowing that people put their hand in their pocket and by my stuff is a blessing.   Spida is inspired but his family and friends and the support from the people who show him love.  He thanks his family for having his back, they show love and support. He is a proud father of 5 daughters!  “My oldest daughter is 18 and she is into her hair beauty she models the clothing sometimes though I have to beg her though hahaha.  My 2nd daughter is 14 she’s in school and into her drama and music.  She is featured on one of my songs on my new project and she also models my Clothing too. My 3rd daughter is 10 and she loves her video games (haha)!  She also loves my clothing and I get clothing made for her in her size and she likes to wear them when she is at school. My 4th daughter is 4 she’s a little princes and a very smart kid. I am looking to start a kid clothing line soon so she will be modelling them, [she doesn’t know it yet Hahahaha!] My last daughter will be turning 2 in March and she going to be modelling the kids clothing when I get the line started up as well. So you can say I am keeping it all in the family. 



The initial experience in this industry has been a really good experience doing it all so far. The ups are the positive things that have happened like radio play, TV play, the shows, interview and features in magazine, and the downs are the negative people you come across and the people who are out to try scam you. That’s part of the game though. You have got to be smart. Spida has had times of losing out from trying to better his business.   He tells Lady Blue that there is nothing that he would change.   He is just going to keep doing what he’s doing. It’s seems to be working slowly but surely.  His advice to those interested in this line of work or thinking of doing more than they are doing now is to stay focused, don’t let negative people bring you down and say you can’t do it. Believe in yourself. “You’re going to come up against obstacles and feel like you can’t overcome them. But there’s always away round it. Never give up on your dreams because only you can make them come true”.  His biggest obstacle in achieving success has been knowing which people you can trust because there are people out there who will put obstacles out there to hold you back, says Spida.



 The one thing that he is consistent with and he says makes a difference in the outcome of what you or anyone can do? Spida says, “Never give up”. 


 What is in store for the future? 


Spida will be doing more in the lines of clothing by developing his kids clothing line. “I don’t want to say too much, but it will be a line what is educational and promote positivity”.  Music wise he is working on an album called Rise of a King which should be out before summer. If your into guns, money, b***ch, selling drug, women twerking, bling and all that type of stuff the album is not for you. This is album promotes positivity, knowledge and the everyday struggles we face from the system we live in. He has not said the “N” word once in this album because he thinks it’s wrong.  Our ancestors were Kings and Queens. I won’t get too deep into it; you will have to buy the album to hear what I rap about.   



How can the readers reach you, purchase clothing or make contributions to you or your organization?


My website with my clothing and music is






Look out America!   Huddersfield West Yorkshire in North England is calling and making its mark musically and more!  I want to thank Spida for taking the time to let us know more about who he is.  I look forward to wearing one of his shirts and sporting it here in the US.  

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