Mental Health according to the dictionary is a noun.  That means it is a person, place or thing.  The definition reads:  a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.   In most recent years, we have had to take a real close look at the state of mental health and what we can do about it.  

The Affordable Care Act expanded mental health coverage, made it illegal to deny insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, including mental illness, and expanded parity.  Parity means health plans must put mental health and substance abuse treatment on equal terms with other medical and surgical care.  Okay, so we understand that  but what is concerning is the recent actions by the current administration to down play mental health in regards to weapons possession and gun violence.  

I feel that the current administration and those behind them are not well versed in the matters of the mind and its cause and effect on society and especially the individual(s) dealing with this state of being.  Statuses such as PTSD, childhood schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and multiple personalities are definitely under evaluated and ignored to the point that suicide rates continue to climb as doctors over medicate and over charge prescriptions.  This under evaluation  has resulted in minimization of the care needed to fully handle each individual case.  The pharmaceutical community and the FDA remain in constant battle over prices and drugs needed or prices and introducing un-needed medication.  Doctors are overloaded and social services does not have the means or the manpower to handle the caseloads that come through daily.  Law enforcement also suffers because information is not provided which many times results in the loss of life.  Families are suffering daily and those in need of help keep crying out and reaching out but are being turned away because of lack of sympathy and lack of understanding of mental health issues as a whole. 

Education, funding and a clear definition of what “medical necessity” is may help to bolster the current administration to take another look at what is happening in the health industry.  We as a nation do not need another massacre or hostage situation to bring to light the call for complete medical help in every aspect.  

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