So much in the world is happening here and across the waters! Father can you hear me as I pray! We need you more today!

The screams of another a frantic mother cries
While here on the ground her child lies
The violence has to stop

The days of conversations
When a fight was a war of words
Not the speed of a bullet from a gun
The violence has to stop

When he price of your shoes
Or the level of your booze
Mean more than a life freely given
The violence has to stop

To keep repeating “Here Lies”
Before having experienced their own lives
The violence has to stop

The pool of blood begins to curdle
Young man, Young woman
You have yet to know the struggle
The violence has to stop

We rally our cries standing along the roadside
To a hill that crumbles slowly still
Politicians, statisticians
Numbers are what you preside over
The violence must stop

I am not a survey, I am not a digit
I am a life
I am a breath
I am a soul that comes with it
The violence must stop

Lady Blue

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