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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  We all are familiar with that statement.  Sometimes you have to look past the mirror and past the brush and you will find the soul that creates the looks you always imagined on film and camera or just for a girls night out!  Slang term used for make-up well done is getting your face beat!  Cheri’ Felix of CF Styling Inc. has a style all her own.  Let’s take a look!

Cheri’ is from northwest Baltimore, specifically Campfield in Baltimore County.  Cheri’ tells Lady Blue that the funny thing is her aunt who lived in south Baltimore off of Rose Street used to babysit her, and her favorite cousins lived out O’Donnell Heights, and every weekend was spent in DC. So she is straight DMV through and through!

She has always loved make-up and styling.  Her favorite toy growing up was a vanity set. High school offered cosmetology but her mom wouldn’t let her sign up for it. Diving right into the work force, she did a couple of peoples hair and makeup, just friends and secretly still loved it but didn’t pursue it. Then one daywhile watching a beauty school commercial she realized—“I’m grown!!!!! I don’t need anyone’s approval anymore”… And the rest is history! Always the kid that played dress up, Cheri’ got in trouble for it a lot. “I think I may have been the only little girl who loved to get her hair done!!!! Especially getting to actually go to the salon”!!!!! She tells that her mom used to set aside days where she could dress herself and then they would have these mini photo shoots and there’s many pics of them! She walked in every pair of heels I could get my hands on.  Now that is dedication!

Cheri’ gets her inspiration from the finished product.  Being a very visual person and just knowing how beautiful my client is going to look makes her happy. “As I go along, seeing the transformation still puts me in awe”.  Her role models are varied.  She started out wanting to be a step up from Rachel Zoe, styling clients from head to toe with hair, makeup and wardrobe. After getting into the business, and really studying her craft and following people who are already making waves, she found the phenomenal June Ambrose, BethAnn Hardison, André Talley, and Baltimore’s own Alise “KreatorStyles” Curtis.  She looks up to each of them for all of their accomplishments in the Fashion industry and for being able to be Iconic in such a white dominated world (The world of Fashion).

“What’s makes me stand out is that I’m All Inclusive! Even if Im not hired to do hair makeup and wardrobe, I pack essential extras with me just in case the person you did hire doesn’t have something or someone came with their hair or makeup already done and there needs to be changes or refreshing. You’ll leave knowing ok next time I can just hire her for everything! And often they do”!  Her first makeup experience, was teaching other girls in school, her techniques.  They would be in class having separate mini classes on eyeliner and which shades looked best. Cheri’ defines Finesse as being the technique and Fierce is the finished product. “You use them together! The finesse in knowing what products to use, the technique to keep your lines crisp and application smooth, making even the most avant-garde makeup look like you woke up that way! When it’s all said and done with this Beautiful finish,… That’s FIERCE!

Her most memorable styling moment was doing the hair and styling for the artist, DDM aka Unkle LuLu, for winning his award as Best MC in the City paper. “Seeing my work in print for the first time was an awe inspiring experience, something that’s still surreal for me to this day”!

Her advice to those wanting to get into this field is to have tough skin and Don’t give up! Don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on your craft, and that means keep learning, keep being inspired, keep grinding because success doesn’t happen overnight! You will fail, and you can’t please everyone, but never stop! Not if this is truly your passion!!

Cheri’ gets her ideas from  ART, in every form.  From visual to music, to movies, she loves art and it has always translated into everything she does. “Yes absolutely, especially when I’m free styling and can take my own creative liberties”.

With all the beauty in the world sometimes it is hard for others to visually see what an artist does.  When you open yourself to the possibility, the pathways are endless.  “I think that it’s not hard visually to see what an artist does cuz they do see the finished product, but it is hard for them to see and understand what it takes to get to that beauty…that finished product they see”.  Cheri’ finds that when clients complain about prices and always looking for hookups they don’t realize what was put in to get to where they are.  “I have paid $20,000 for this education, not to mention the extra $105 for testing and the license. Then there’s all the classes since then to keep up with my education and new trends” explains Cheri’.  Products are expensive!  “This is my job, my career, my life path.  It pays my bills, so wanting a discount on the strength of friendship?  BGE does not accept love or friendship, they just want their money!”

“This is going to sound crazy but I loved ALL of my clients, even though I may have Hated things they did. Like people who come to you all the time get the same thing but still want to constantly tell you exactly what they want and the products they want you to use. And my biggest pet peeves are models who criticize the designer looks. That is so disrespectful and unprofessional, you are hired to be a canvas for the art of someone else and That’s It!!!! Also people who are constantly in the mirror as they are getting their makeup done that is the worst!!!! But in all I love what I do and I appreciate All of my clients, I am truly thankful for them everyday”!!!!

If you are new to make-up, Cheri’ suggests that you do research, take as many classes offered, get your friends and fam and even get in the mirror and practice , try new looks and techniques.  “We are in a social media world right now so make sure you are following other MUA’s (Make-Up Artists) famous and local.  Get to know product lines and so on, this also goes for my ladies in hair and fashion, immerse yourself in your passion and learn from them all, and ALWAYS continue your education!  “Be Smart, Be Strong, Be Stylish, if you follow me on any social media you’ll see it is my hashtag with everything I do! And it is copywriten”!



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