The Comeback Kid

June 26th, 2013 is a day that plays over and over for Robert Grant.  He carries a daily reminder of that day when an unknown subject struck him from behind doing 65mph in a 15mph zone high on heroin.  This story is one of near tragedy, perseverance and strength.


It was a hit and run accident that happened walking back to his motorcycle from the bank. Pulling away from his home he felt it get really dark around  him like going from day to night.  Next things he knew he felt his back against a windshield.  It was the car.  Flying up into the air and flipping like he just did a gymnastics routine watching his helmet, backpack, shoes and glove go in different directions. After hitting the ground, he got right back up because to him it was like playing football, right?  You get back up and move on after a blind side hit.  Walking around cursing the driver as anyone would do in this situation, he paused and looked over himself checking to make sure all was okay and that is when he realized he was standing in a pool of his own blood…his left foot from the ankle down completely shredded and barely hanging on except for a little piece of skin and blood spurting out everywhere….a personal horror story.  Surprisingly, he was calm.  He had to be to get thru this situation.  He took off his shirt and made a tourniquet for his foot and applied pressure to try and slow down the bleeding.  The only thing that did not leave his body was his cell phone so he dialed 911.  An hour later he was airlifted from Espanola, NM to Albuquerque, NM where his leg would be amputated less than a week later.   He knew it was going to happen and that it was exactly one hour because he called his girlfriend who beat the ambulance there to be by his side.  He made other phone calls; his boss to tell her he would not be coming in for awhile and he also called his big brother to let him know what happened.  After that, Robert knew it was pretty bad. After one month had passed he was released from the hospital and headed for the police station to give a statement only to find out that the had his statement on hand already. He wasn’t sure how they got the statement but it said that he admitted he was not paying attention and just pulled out and was struck, nowhere near the truth.  Robert was dealing with crooked cops but told himself he was not going to get down on himself because his twin boys, who were one at the time, were depending on him to set a perfect example of no matter what gets thrown at you, don’t quit!  Just put y our head down and grinding and you will come out on top because that is what I did!



Robert has pushed himself to persevere thru a situation that normally would set back any average human being.  Doing his own physical therapy and locating a clinic call HANGER in Albuquerque where people were friendly and young-minded, his journey began.  The clinic set him up with a great prosthetic and allows him to move and run almost as good as he did before. To look at him you would never know he has a prosthetic on.  Now he is all over the Southwest in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, an opportunity that allowed him to open for many of the artists he listened to growing up and even some of the new artists out there.  But before I get into his music career, just a little more about him.  His traumatic experience was life changing but what he did to bring himself up was to stay busy and commit to his music and being the best possible artist he could be and not let anyone tell him that he couldn’t make it in this industry.  Spending lots of time with his twin boys reading and teaching them different sports and things show he could show them that daddy is still daddy and is as normal as anyone else.

Born in Charleston, SC but raised in Tuscon, AZ he is used to hot temperatures that can reach up to 110 degrees at times.  A quiet place, Tuscon isn’t known for much but there is a lot going on there.  Robert attended 3 funerals in one week for friends from high school that succumbed to either murder or suicide.  He watched his parents battle addictions for a small period of time.  These incidents helped to keep the “nose to the grindstone” and make something of himself.  Keeping his head in music and sports paid off for him when he got a football scholarship to University of New Mexico and that is how he ended up in Espanola, the lowrider capital of the world.  Meth is also overtaking that area but he made the best of the situation while there.  His family has played a huge role in his success because they push him to work on his craft and get better and better every day.


Robert decided to do music because it gives him the voice to express his feelings in different was and at the same time impact so many others and help them get through whatever they may be going through.  Inspired by his family and his passion for music he knows that it is not often you see someone with a prosthetic on especially on stage but he is comfortable enough that he will show it off from time to time.  He believes that someone in his situation with low confidence will see him doin his thing and they won’t be so afraid.  His biggest obstacle was not to let the pain or the “phantom pain” overtake him (that is where the mind still feels the limb is still there and you attempt to use it and fail).  Getting used to the pain and remembering the leg is not there any longer is something he has to watch out for.  The initial experience was tragic of course, but Robert knew from the moment it happened what might transpire in his head so he preparing himself because of the two kids and the promise he made to himself….



Robert has opened up for the likes of Snoop Dogg, DJ QUIK, Eric Bellenger, Adian Marcel, MGK, Lil Flip, Ying Yang Twins, Candyman, Amanda Perez and Genuine.  Quite an impressive lists of artists to work with.  Even after everything he has gone through, he would not change a thing because if it wasn’t for going through it, he wouldn’t be who he s today…happy!


His advice for the younger crowd:  Give it your all and don’t ever give up because anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.  No matter what you are gonna have our ups and downs but never lose focus or listen to the negativity.  Just keep your head down and keep pushing no matter what.


The future looks bright for Robert Grant.  A collab mixtape dropping with Bear Gotti, a R&B singer from Houston, TX titled THEM BOYZ.  There is some of everything on the tape, some really good music, real R&B with a touch of HIP HOP coming out late May.  You can find Robert on Facebook at and on Instagram @robby_gmuzik or just email him @


Triumph over tragedy.  The right mind set will elevate you beyond your wildest dreams!  This story was not only fascinating but a thrill to write and I will be checking back to find out what he is up to!




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