Webster’s definition of unique is to say that something is unlike anythingor anyone else. This describes Greg “The IGive” East. This artist has something to offer to and for the unheard and dedicated artists in the DMV and Florida. Originally from Ohio, he has been living in the Jacksonville, Florida area for the past 15 years. Growing up with music from an early age, hip hop came in around the 5th grade. His first audience was his toy box, but most of the music influence was gospel related initially. He enjoys artists like Common Mos Def, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Kendrick Lamar. They display an original sound and he considers them to be lyrically enlightened.
What sets his music apart is that he only knows how to be himself. He does not attempt to mimic or copy popular trends. He finds that self-representation reaches a completely different audience. His music and words are geared to feel good and elevate your mind by creating and giving a brighter direction than where you are. The goal is not to get you in the club per se but to make you feel better. His music is oriented to be authentic, organic and unique. “I like a consistent sound”, says The IGive, “I make sure my sound does not sound like anyone else”.

Along with his own music he owns GiveLove Entertainment. His company presents an open mic night, Artis(Tree) Live Downtown at Club TSI in Jacksonville, FL that supports local and independent artists….everywhere. “I connect with people”. When artist are given the opportunity to develop their skills and a place to shine, express who they are, get paid for what they do and have folks come and enjoy. Always willing to bring in out of town artists to shows he features artists such as spoken word poets Huggy Bear (Mobile, AL) and MasterPiece (Houston, TX) just to name a few. The ultimate end is to build a network with those you connect with and present to the world.

The IGive gets inspiration from the love of the game. For him it feels powerful to express through songs and words. Music is the rhythm of life and being a part of positivity through music is key. Show the world that you can be yourself without being negative or selling out. He notices that within mainstream entertainment being yourself is unpredictable. Mainstream is able to package what they want how they want it and turn it into what they want. They target things to perpetuate the negativity that is seen in our culture today.

The IGive says he really does not have likes or dislikes. As with any job you have your good days and your bad days. It’s a hustle and it is not easy to enjoy progress. “What I do is all a labor of love”. You must use discernment. There is already a huge gap between respect and professionalism for the unsigned artist. It is a constant dog fight to get to and remain where you are or where you want to be.

To the young person looking for easy money his advice to you is this: If you really love it then do it, if you are in it just for the money then you will sell out for the first good thing that comes along. You will compromise who you are if money is all you want. Realize that there is a difference between a dream and a vision. A dream is concept while a vision is the act of power of seeing it come to be. Get to the vision stage and formulate a plan and execute it. Work hard at it and determine where you want to be.

With a unique sound all his own, a soul for the music he puts out and a platform for the up and coming artist, Greg “The IGive” East is a definite force in the entertainment world.

You can find The IGive’s music online on iTunes, Pandora, CD Baby, Amazon, and Spotify.

Twitter/InstaGram: @igive4life

The IGive
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The IGive’s debut CD “Rhythm & Poetry” & follow “DreamKillerz” is AVAILABLE NOW ONLINE @
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With a sound all his own, The IGive has a sound that is all his own! Listen and enjoy!