The word Chef comes from the French which means, literally, “chief”.

It is  the responsibility of a chef to manage the entire food service process. Menu planning, purchase, prep and presentation…. EVERYTHING that comes in and out of the kitchen. To be a chef, you must have great organizational skills, be creative and  personality is plus!  Taking your culinary skills beyond the classroom and making them your own.   That is the sturdy definition of a chef.


Now I am gonna bust your bubble and give you the Hip Hop version of a Chef!  Schooled, tried and true and tested!  That is my definition of a hip hop chef.  The Urban dictionary♦ gives you five elements of Hip Hop:

  1.  Bboying
  2. MCing
  3. Grafitti
  4. DJing
  5. Knowledge, culture and Overstanding

And to add one more Hip-Hop Chef®.  The meaning of Hip-Hop Chef® is a chef that’s endorsed to cook for the hip hop and entertainment industry. The Original Hip Hop Chef® Chef Tye embodies these definitions and I am going to explain the best way I know how!


  1.  Bboying was born in the Bronx during the 70’s when DJ Kook Herc would play the breaks of songs.  Chef Tye was raised in NY/Bmore and has that understanding of the culture.  Branding his style of cooking by infusing the elements of Hip Hop and making it his own by mixing culinary arts with Hip Hop flavor to make dishes unique and stylish.  take for instance his Microphone Check Mac and Cheese or His Fresh and So Clean Fruit Plate. Now when you title a dish Money Hungry Collard Greens, you got something happening in the kitchen.  Raised and taught to cook by his Grandmother, the late Martha Atkins, simple dishes like potatoe salad, dinner rolls and chicken would be the foreground to bigger and better things.  His grandmother made it her mission to keep him off the streets and the payoff is shown in his daily endeavors.
  2. MCing is a term used for Master of Ceremonies or Mic controller.  It is usually used for a rapper but in this case we are talking food.  Chef Tye is the MC of the kitchen.  Using cooking as a platform to break into the entertainment industry, he created the HipHop Chef brand. Although when the HipHop Chef brand was created cooking wasn’t as popular a trade as it is today in the rap community. Hip Hop Chef® “Cookin’ Tye” wanted to be a celebrity chef that catered to the entertainment industry.
  3. Grafitti is often misrepresented, misinterpreted and misrepresented in today’s society. Often associated with defacing property, is is not that in the Hip Hop world.  It is an element just as important as DJing, MCing and more.  Chef Tye’s grafitti is that with food and more.  He takes the elements of the kitchen, samples different combinations and makes it his own.  Sure the dishes may be something you are familiar with but until you try his Microphone Check Mac and Cheese, you will see what I mean.  He educated himself on the history with pioneer and icon Chief Rocker Busy Bee.  He is very passionate with his cooking and the influence from Hip Hop that it represents.
  4. DJing is a title for showing your ability to mix and scratch and combine different elements of music into something never heard before and something that keeps people coming back.  Chef Tye was determined to break into the entertainment industry with the Hip Hop Chef® concept, mixing up the flavor of culinary arts with Hip-Hop, and bringing original the Hip Hop Chef’s fresh cooking concept to the world.
  5. Knowledge, culture and Overstanding….The Urban Dictionary’s♦ top definition is the state of mind that emerges when all illusions- those in the conscious and subconscious mind- are removed; the intellectual state free from mis/disinformation, propaganda, lies, and deception; a grasp of the whole truth; human beings’ natural state of mind undisturbed by the ego.  How do you define this in a chef?  Well, I have had the honor of chopping it up with Chef Tye and he has a clear definition of who he is, where he is going and where he wants his brand to be.  Recognized by the Hip Hop community as The Original Hip Hop Chef®, he has moved forward to put to rest any doubt about his abilities and who knows about his culinary masterpieces. The Hip Hop Chef® prepared Russell Simmons a vegan meal yesterday. Endorsed by industry heavyweights such as Kevin Liles, Doug E Fresh and more, he has gone on to be hired by other artists like Bun B., Paul Wall, Young Jeezy, TI, Carmello Anthony, Vivica A. Fox, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, LL Cool J and the list goes on!  How do  you compete with that?  You don’t. Endorsed and more by industry favorites, his is carving his place in the entertainment industry. 


Paul Wall said, “it’s good that we got our own chef for the hip hop industry to cook what we like eat. An plus he from the hood.” Quote from XXL Magazine

DSC_3021editCHEF TYBIGTIGcelebrity photoDougieFreshChiefRockerBusyBee-150x1502 snoopIMG_0440IMG_0426-2

The Official Hip Hop Chef® is also has a mission to be a role model and mentor for today’s youth. He has spoken in depth about giving back to the community and he does so by encouraging the youth about education, finishing school, and eating healthy. He’s not shy about sharing his journey and life as a celebrity and personal chef. Tye is an active member in a Feed The Homeless Program.  His grandmother gave herself to making sure that her grandson was not a product of the streets by giving him kitchen duties.  Like any child, he got into somethings but after beating those odds, he turned it around for his grandmother.  His grandmother is reflected in the number 82 that is seen on some of his attire when he is out and about.  Also his dedication to the youth of today shows his passion about ensuring our future and that of generations to come.


Now before I give everything away, I just wanted to introduce you to the man that I have had the pleasure of being introduced to, talking with and now have become a part of his writing team.  Everyone should be prepared for the splash that is gonna be made by him.  Get on board the Hip Hop Express and join me for this gastronomcial delight!