What If…….

What if……Our two worlds collided?
Our ships passed in the night?
Your arms surrounded my space?
My lips kissed yours?
You told me that you cared, I told you I would always be there.
My eyes met yours and never left and chemistry was not part of the equation.
Words were never said but hearts were stolen.

Promises were made and never broken. Smiles and hugs were in endless supply.
It could just be you and I
Time could stand still and all this could be real

We could blink our eyes, do it over, say I Love You….pull you close and call you boo
Tell me exactly, what would you do?
Love was never a game, thoughts were never left unspoken
Dreams could all come true, and I was with you

Loves battle was said and done
God and you were the only ones?

Lady Blue

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