You don’t need a town crier or reside North of the Wall to know that it is time to get GOT!

The eagerly awaited final season is inching up slowly but surely and has this fan on the edge of her seat!


Outside of traveling North of the Wall myself, I am eager to find out how it all comes together for these four houses.  Now usually I read the book before watching the series but I got hooked early on and could not stop watching.  I don’t necessarily have a favorite character but I am routing for Sansa and Jon Snow!  For some reason it just seems to me that every time they try to do good, here comes the ugly to knock it off course. The Mother of Dragons (Kkhaleesi) is due her worth as well especially after losing one of her babies to the White Walkers. I wonder if she will be able to reach him or not?


Having  followed and listened to all the theories, fan bets, possible paths and more, we know that Sansa’s hairstyles may be the key to what will happen regarding the Iron Throne.  From the trailer alone the tension seems to be high between Sansa and Daenerys.  Will Jon ever find out that he is related to then woman he just made love to?  I personally hope Cersei gets what’s coming to her and Jamie and Tyrion Lannister become the unsung heroes of it all!

no doubt Winter is coming but the final question is…..who will sit on the Iron Throne?