Ok, so there are trends and then there are trends.  If you are on any social media then you have seen some of the crazy things that people are following these days, especially in fashion.

Now I myself have more than one piercing and I limit my piercings to my ears.  My daughter has pierced her ears, belly button and nose.  The latest craze on Instagram has me somewhat baffled. Diamond Derma Piercing.

This form of piercing is taking place of the traditional ring and chunky jewelry that we usually see. It is touted to be painless and can easily be removed. The base itself is  anchored into place under the surface of the skin, the tops are interchangeable with a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs, according to yahoo lifestyle. This trend has been done for over 10 years by Billy DeBerry of Floating Sparrow Tattoo but is coming into fad stage with Instagram at the helm.  It looks like a jewel floating on top of your skin.

My concern would be my skin or getting caught on something much less running my fingers thru my hair.  I think I will stick to the piercings in my ears for now but……  

Would you?