You have heard of Bantu knots right?  The method of Bantu knots, often used by black women to add curl definition, and Bantu knots are a hairstyle that dates centuries back to the Zulu tribes in African American culture and today among natural hair fashionistas, this is a go to hair style that is easy, offers lots of curls and is considered a protective hairstyle when transitioning or not wanting to heat or chemicals in your hair.   Some styles are just not for everyone’s hair!


One beauty blogger is under fire for taking a long standing natural hairstyle, attempting to rename it and make it a new find.

Norwegian Beauty Blogger Gilan Sharafani decided that she would take Bantu knots to a whole new level by doing her hair and showcasing the results as a new found hairdo.  Now everyone is entitled to do with their hair as they see fit, but what needs to be understood here is that Bantu knots have been around long before she came along.  Gilan garnered alot of flack when she posted the video on how to get heatless curls. She was blasted for not doing her research and for not calling the hairstyle by its already given name.  You could see her struggle with taking apart the twists during the video.

Black women, or black culture for that matter, is tired of having what is already established stolen and renamed for personal gain.  Re-branding has become something of a trend and well, the masses have spoken!  I have a very hard time believing her statement posted on her video.

The Beauty Blogger later posted this statement on her video:


“After that, I shared this video on my Instagram, ppl started telling me that the [technique] I was using was from Africa – WHICH IS [called] Bantu knots. I [didn’t know] that, till everyone [started] commenting about that. If knew from the start that this [technique] was African, I would for sure call it Bantu knots. So, Bantu knots is really one of the best [technique] to get curly hair with no heat!” 

Next time do your research!

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