Unleash Your Best


Ever since my press conference with Tyrese, these words have rung in my brain.  What does it mean to unleash your best?

We all are good at something.  We all have a talent and ability to let that talent shine when called upon.  What we sometimes go thru is letting the self doubt and loathing of others keep us from doing what we do best!  

When was the last time  you sat down and really looked at what you are good at?  What is the thing that drives you when you get up and keeps you going even when you want to go to bed?  What is that part of you that says, I gotta do this and I believe enough in myself to get it done?

That is what it means to unleash your best.  Let the world see you and all your uniqueness!  Putting your best foot forward and using the naysayers as fuel to move  you to the next level.  Celebrating all victories in and around your circle.  Show your support by uplifting those doing a good job as well.  

Its a small step that can be taken daily.  That pat on the back can mean more than words on a piece of paper. That smile can be the beacon that helps someone carry on.  Put you into you.  Unleash your best and see what happens.

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