Urban Flow!

Urban Flow!


The standard dictionary does not have a definition for the word floecist.  The Urban dictionary on the other hand defines this word as a lyricist that combines elements of rap and poetry.  This indelible combination can be found in one beautiful package known as Queen Pheen formerly known as Pheenix. This spoken word/hip-hop artist is proof that big things come in small packages!

Queen Pheen better known as Denice Smith hails both sides of Baltimore as proving ground for growing up.  She was raised on North Pulaski St. and Guilford Ave. “I just say I’m from Baltimore because both neighborhoods helped to mold me into the women I am”, she says.  She came up with her name Queen Pheen through a Facebook status.   Asking her fans to help and her team mate Stoney Mhuggah, he commented Queen Pheen!  She loved it and his explanation to it was beautiful…”she is the drug and they are addicted to her words”!  Oh the changes… wow; it’s been changed so many times I can’t count…but this is official and I am ready to commit to this one.

Queen Pheen states that she was birthed into hip hop her choice was premeditated before she even knew. Her mom is none other than former Fabulous Female Darling Dena and my dad in out of the music business his self.  She has always had a love thing for it.  At the age of ten she wrote her first rap because of the life circumstances she was facing at the time.  “My inspiration comes from life and everything around me.  I can look out the window and write a piece or cuss out my daughter’s father and write a piece”.  I overcome writer’s block by listening to my motivation Mr. J. Cole…he helps refresh my brain…

Queen Pheen has collaborated with and give a shout out to these guys: Luchini Ace, Stoney Mhuggah,  Guanako King,  Poetless, and Freedom Writer and more collabs to come…She loves working with people who are the same lines as she is but is open to stepping outside the box.  She feels that her audience loves the character she puts on when she performs…”you are not getting a plain stage performance you are getting a musical monologue or spoken word performance…I am giving you all of the things I hid in real life.  The only thing I would change about myself is I wouldn’t have let Molly die…She was a fun personality to have…May she rest in peace”.  Queen Pheen believes spoken word is making its come back.  She believes people are looking for the next Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Queen Latifah, Darling Dena and so on.  So she is going to give them what they asking for!!

A certain feeling comes about when Queen Pheen writes.  “I’m irritated believe it or not.  I’ve wrote even my love poems while I’m in that mind state…I’ll let you in on a little secret I often pick arguments with my muse just cause I wanna write…lol”.

Her advice to up and coming youth or other performers in the game is this;  “I think that if you wanna go for it step up to the mic and go for it…You can’t achieve anything by thinking about it…Put your dreams in motion”.

There you have it!  Queen Pheen draws her energy from her surroundings, has worked with local artists and is not afraid to show who she is.  You can expect from her in the near future a new Ep, shows, and more…2015 she is out for the takeover!

You can find Queen Pheen

Soundcloud- soundcloud.com/dopepheenqueen

Reverb Nation- www.reverbnation.com/dopepheenqueen

Facebook- www.facebook.com/DopePheen

Instagram- @queen_pheen

Twitter- @queen_pheen

Good Times!

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