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Many of today’s young generation dream of sports.  Some aspect of sports is attractive from the front office to the field.  How many of those young men think beyond the grid iron?  What happens when the spotlight goes off?  What will you do and where will you be?  How many think how can I combine my love of the two and keep living the dream?  My conversation with Troy Hackley of Urban Sports Beat is proof positive that you can live that sports dream and open up so many doors to other possibilities as well.  
Troy Hackley is a Baltimore city schools educator and has always been involved with sports.  As a youth, he wanted to play football or basketball professional some day. His sister got him involved at a young age. Born in Baltimore city, he spent the first 10 years of his life at Gilmore homes in west Baltimore later, moving to Forest Heights Apts. Raised without parents, (his mother died from cancer when Troy was 3 years old) and not knowing his father, his sister stepped up and raised him. “I learned so much from coach’s. for example, coach’s taught me the importance of respect hard work team work and doing things the right way.”  Troy made a decision to become and educator  because as a teacher he witnessed so many issues with youth without fathers in the homes.  “I felt the need to help.  The impact on community changed his life.  “We have had a great impact on the city. Youth and adults now know there’s a show in Baltimore were people will see there talents on display.”
“My life has changed in so many ways. first of all, doing GODS work is so huge a can’t truly explain it! Children and adults know I care and love them. My faith in God has grown because I know my calling today.  I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster if I didn’t make it as a athlete.  The biggest obstacle in acheiving his sucess was getting people to believe in him and his dreams.  “I have a couple of family members who are on my staff now. My biggest supporter has been my sister.  She encourages me through the good times and bad times.  The one thing I do each night is pray. I know its important to stay humble in every area of your life. I’ve learned if you are humble GOD is always present.”
T Hackley w/ former Raven Bernard Pierce
T Hackley w/ former Raven Bernard Pierce



The first experience was great in learning how to become a sports broadcaster. “I learned my craft at FOX45 and WJFK 1300AM sports radio, getting to meet all of the top professional athletes from different sports was great.  Learning to be a owner of a production company poses many challenges. However, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world.” Lady Blue asked Troy what he would change, if anything about what he does and his reply…..”Nothing. here is why. I’m being directed by the spirit of God.” That is something you just cannot argue with.  His advice to those who see themselves in front of or behind the camera is this:   Do your homework meaning research it. make sure its your passion. It can’t be about the money it.has to be about the love of the profession. then, dive in with both feet!
What’s in the future for Troy?  “We are building our company into a major sports production in Maryland. We plan to cover sports event all over America in the near future for our show called Urban sports beat.”
Sports and living the dream!  Troy and I went to church during our conversation and it was fun and informative!  If you believe it you can achieve it!  You hear it all the time but to see it in action just makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you Troy and Urban Sports Beat for a fun look into what its all about!
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